Saturday, November 17, 2012

So much more than a cordless phone - V-Tech LS6475-3 Review

Home phones have went out of style.  Everyone use to have a home phone but I am sure you could ask plenty of children if they had a phone at home that was not a cell phone and they might be clueless as to what you are talking about.  Most businesses still have landlines and there are still some households that do as well.  We are one of those households - partially due to the fact that if something were to happen I want to know I am not counting on just a cellular phone.  Whether it is an emergency, my cell phone gets lost, someone needs to call me from home if I step out, etc. I like the peace of mind of having a home phone as well.

 When they offer that peace of mind it makes you wonder why so many households don't have one - I think a lot of the reason is
1.  A Cell phone goes everywhere
2.  When you have a cell phone you don't want the extra bill of a home phone
3.  Home phones have no "cool factor" or features.
Even though the first 2 reasons may be accurate, reason #3 is no longer an issue with the V-Tech LS6475-3 on the market!  Whether you need a home phone or a phone for the office this phone will meet your needs and oh, it definitely has the cool factor!

This is so much cooler than the cordless phones that we had when I was younger.  It has EVERYTHING that a cordless phone should offer.

The LS6475-3 includes 2 handsets, 1 headset, 1 charger, base, 2 power adapters, line cord, 2 battery packs, 3 over the ear hooks, 4 ear buds, 1 over the head band, Quick start guide, and an Owners Manual.  It has the following features:
  • DECT 6.0 Digital Technology
  • Voice Announce Caller ID
  • HD Audio
  • Call Waiting 
  • Remote Access
  • Push-to-Talk Walkie Talkie
  • Handset Speaker Phone
  • Answering System with time and date stamp
  • Backlit Keypads
  • Intercom between handsets
  • 1.2'' by 1.1'' LCD Display
  • Handset speakerphone
The Dirty Truth is this is the best office phone or home phone I have ever seen, and I have worked at my fair share of offices and almost always had a home phone.  This phone is stylish and sleek and I loved the features.   I was lucky enough to start working at home when I was pregnant 4 years ago because I was going to quit find an at home job and my boss decided to test working at home for the company with me!  This means a lot of conference calls, etc.  This phone has perfect call quality and the headset makes it so much easier for me to continue working on the computer while I am on these calls.
The push-to-talk walkie talkie is probably my favorite feature!  I always thought I would like having a 3 level home but after going up and down stairs all day I've quickly changed my tune.  We installed one of the phones in the basement and I keep the other with me - so anytime I need the kids to come up, etc. I just push the button and tell them!  I know it may sound lazy but this is a life saver, when I need anything and cannot get to the kids right away they are only a walkie-talkie away!
The voice announce caller ID is great as well because I am one of those people that screen all my calls.  Yes, if I don't know your number I might not answer so leave a message!  It's nice that when I am changing the baby or busy doing something else it announces who's calling so I know if I should rush to answer or if it can wait!
I don't know why anyone who has a landline would settle for less than this phone - it's features are now a must have for me!

To Buy:  You can purchase the VTech LS6475-3 on Amazon for $74.17


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