Sunday, November 18, 2012

I don't want to Nag, but..........

I really don't want to nag here.  Trust me - I have 3 children so I have to do it often enough at home that I really don't want there to be a need to nag here too!

However, more and more lately I have noticed invalid entries to giveaways - or entries where people forget the important information I need to verify their entry!!!

Please remember every giveaway I offer is from a great sponsor with a great product - if I did not believe this I wouldn't be posting it.  There have been many products I do not post about even when they offer a giveaway for my readers - because I do not believe in the product.  Every giveaway you see here is something I feel will be good for you (my readers) and/or a product I really enjoyed.  Therefore, every giveaway I post I truly believe is worth you liking the sponsor or this site on facebook, twitter, doing a mandatory entry, etc.

Trust me - you want to follow through with each entry and if you do then you most definitely want to  enter the verification for it:  If you share the giveaway leave the link, If you mark easy entry then enter the answer to the question or whatever the entry is, If you re-pin on pinterest leave the link, etc.

I do verify the entries and if I cannot verify your entry will be deleted!!  Now I know you don't want that to happen and I do not want that to happen - so please be fair to everyone and when you mark you've completed something make sure you have and that you enter the necessary verification information.  Otherwise, you are wasting your time because your entries will be deleted and wasting my time to go check, delete, and draw a new winner!

Also, here is a little helpful information that I didn't know for a while so in all fairness some of you may not know either! 

How to get the direct link to a facebook post
On Facebook when you make a post you can get the link to that specific post by clicking on the time stamp.  Underneath your facebook name it will show when you posted (i.e. Yesterday, 10 minutes ago, etc) click on that time stamp and then copy/paste the web address for it!

How to get the direct link to a twitter tweet
OnTwitter  when you make a tweet you can get the link to that specific post by clicking on EXPAND underneath the tweet.  Then click details and copy/paste the web address!

Now that you know it seems pretty simple huh!  It was a while before I learned the facebook trick so I know this may be the issue with some entries so make sure in the future you are leaving the links, twitter id, etc. to verify your entries!

---End Nag---

Thank you everyone for all of your help in this!  Have fun entering the giveaways and learning about all these fun products!  I truly appreciate all of you and hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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