Thursday, November 1, 2012

Follow Me Fred & Follow Me Fiona Review

Fun toys for babies and toddlers are something every parent looks for!  Something to keep their little one having fun, learning, and entertained.  More importantly something that can do this for more than a couple minutes - something that they love enough to keep playing with!

The Award Winning Tiny Love Follow Me Fred and Follow Me Fiona are adorable puppy shaped crawling companions for your little one.  The electronic dog is baby-activated and encourages your little one to crawl by barking and playing a cute little song.  They are flexible in the middle which allows them to turn so you can put them in circular mode for your little one before they learn to crawl.  This toy will help promote fine motor skills, cognition, and gross motor skills. 

The Dirty Truth is Follow Me Fred and Fiona are adorable and fun!  My daughter (almost 4) might try to claim this toy as hers.  The baby is not really mobile yet so I did not think she would be interested in this but she loves watching Follow Me Fiona go!  You touch the puppy and it rolls away The recommended ages are 6-18 months but I would dare say the range is much broader.  This has been a great toy to make tummy time fun for my 2 month old.  With an adjustable speed I can slow Fiona down, put her in circular mode and she is instantly pushing up while on her tummy to watch!  She loves the listening to the music and her eyes instantly get big when Fiona barks!  Her older sister is convinced Fiona is "her friend" and loves to play with her (and chase her) too when she runs away!  My daughter was actually a puppy for Halloween which I think was partially inspired by Follow Me Fiona!  They are built to last, which is great if your kids are a little rough on toys like mine are!  I love that even though this toy may be geared towards learning and development for a child 6-18 months it is great entertainment well before and after those ages so this will be something my little one can enjoy for years!

To Buy:  Go to (ARP: $24.99 each)

Disclosure:  I was not paid for this review or giveaway.  I was given the above product to review and all opinions are my own. I am not responsible for the prize being delivered to the winner of the giveaway - I will forward your information to the sponsor whom is responsible for supplying the winner with the prize. 


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