Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Guest Post My husband should read - Top 10 Flowers for Women

Here is an awesome guest post with some useful and fun information!  You may want to send this link to your husbands with a little "hint, hint" as the subject line!  

The Top 10 Flowers Girls Want To Get
A beautiful flower bouquet can be the ideal gift to give a woman for a number of different occasions. From Mother’s Day, to an anniversary, women love to receive gorgeous and fragrant flowers for any type of special event. With all of the varieties, colors, and types of flowering plants available, choosing the arrangement that will look best in your bouquet can be a complicated process. Many plants also have special meanings, which can make your gift much more significant to the woman receiving it. You can arrange them in a bouquet, or simply give an individual flower to deliver that personal message.

Flowers Girls Love

Iris: depicts faith, wisdom, admiration and courage. A beautiful purple iris will be a wonderful surprise for your mother or grandmother.
Sunflower: stands for longevity, adoration and loyalty. Women love having sunflowers around the house. Buy her a bunch of sunflowers to keep on the kitchen table, and she’ll enjoy them for weeks.
Wild flowers: invoke spontaneity, whimsy and thoughtfulness. With amazing yellows, whites, purples, and pinks, wild flowers will fill any room in the house with the feeling of a country spring.
Lilac: reminder of innocence and youth. Lilacs are a reminder of youthful experiences. Help your lady reconnect with her past by bringing her home a handful of lilacs.
Carnation: means distinction, fascination and love. Carnations come in almost every color imaginable. Create a colorful array of flowers by planting carnations in her garden area. She’ll be surprised when they begin to grow in the spring.
Orchid: stands for luxury, strength, beauty and love. This flower has a passionate tone for love. Give her a single orchid in a sleek vase to keep in the bedroom. She will be attracted to your sophisticated taste.
Lily: shows devotion and friendship. These classy plants add something special to the room. Have them as a centerpiece for a candlelight dinner.
Tulip: means perfect love. Tulips are the welcoming of spring. They look perfect when trimmed to a round shape and displayed in a short and wide vase. Choose several different colors to make your arrangement stand out. Bring some color into the house after a long winter.
Daisy: signifies cheerfulness, innocence and purity. The daisy is young and hopeful. Take your lady for a walk through a field of daisies. Pick one and put it in her hair for a beautiful romantic touch.
Rose: romance and love. The red rose is the timeless symbol of love. Although a magnificent bouquet of roses is a great gift, giving her a single rose will melt her heart forever. Bring her home a single rose, simply to say that you love her.
Why Do Women Love Flowers?
While some plants offer delicate beauty, others bring tranquility. Depending on the mood that you want to set, you can arrange a bouquet that will add something special to the room’s atmosphere. Not only are plants the perfect gift for the love of your life, a beautiful bouquet is perfect for mother’s day gift ideas. You can also give your daughter an enchanting arrangement of daisies and wildflowers. Fragrant arrangements are the ideal gift for any woman in your life.

* A special thanks to Dorian at Wpromote for this information/guest post


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