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Leave the Excuses Behind & Take Control of Your Fitness & Weight Loss

* BodyMedia Fit Link Review*

The Problem

I have tried everything and cannot seem to lose weight.  I have tried eating healthier, exercising, diets, and nothing.  Sound familiar?  These are statements most of us have said at one point in time - honestly though, these statements are nothing more than excuses!!  I am not one to judge for the excuses - because it wasn't very long ago I had my own.  My daughter is now 6 months old & after having her & losing the initial amount of weight you lose when having a baby nothing else was coming off.  I told myself I was doing all I could.  I was even breastfeeding - which is suppose to speed up weight loss - but nothing.  I had plenty of excuses when the fact of the matter was I needed to quit accepting the excuses as reality and take control of my fitness and weight loss!

The System / Product

I was sent the BodyMedia Fit Link to review & knew of their success stories from Biggest Loser Contestant testimonials.  Although I had high hopes, I still knew all those excuses were sitting in the back of my mind.  You know the ones:
---"I'm sure this product is great but it's not magic."
---"I can use this product but it will be like everything else & I won't see the results I want."
---"Am I really expecting to throw this thing on my arm and have the weight disappear?"

The BodyMedia Fit Link is a small device you wear on your upper left arm.  It gives you highly accurate information on the calories you have burned.  Clinical studies show it can improve weight loss up to 3x!
The system is made of the on-body monitoring system (armband) used with the Online Activity Manager.  The device will automatically track the calories you burn through out the day doing your various activities & also track the intensity of your workouts and activities.  You can easily track the information with the Activity Manager as well as input anything you've consumed on the easy entry food log.  The armband is also Bluetooth enabled so you can download their app & have real time updates on your calorie burn and activity level - plus log your food and set up workouts right from your phone.  The online activity manager also lets you input any activities you did while the armband was off!  The armband contains 4 sensors that measure motion, body temperature fluctuations, skin temperature, and skin conductivity (galvanic skin response) to calculate the calories burned at over 90% accuracy.  The device also has a rechargeable battery - just connect it to your computer to upload your results & leave it plugged in while the battery charges - it will let you know when it is fully charged.

BodyMedia Fit Link has the following sensors:
  • Skin Temp
  • GSR (galvanic skin response)
  • HF (Heart Flux)
  • 3-axis accelerometer
It uses these sensors to monitor the following:
  • Calories Burned
  • Physical Activity (2 activity levels - Moderate & Vigorous)
  • Heart Rate (when used with 3rd party strap)
  • Steps
  • Sleep (Duration, Patterns and Efficiency)
  • Data Measured vs Targets & Goals

The Results


The Dirty Truth is this system has given me a lot more than sensors & monitored data.  It has even given me more than hope.  It has given me the fact that all the reasons I could not lose the weight before were excuses.  This system makes me accountable for the weight I do or do not lose.
Fortunately I used this system for a couple weeks & was accountable for the weight I did lose!  Over the period of 2 weeks I lost 8 lbs.  That is huge for me - I only had 20 lbs to lose to be at my ideal weight (my weight when I was 18) and about 15 to lose to get where I would be very happy and have a fitness level body fat percentage (what I weighed when I got married) - so essentially I am half way to where I want to be.  What excites me more than being halfway is the realization that I can and I will get all the way to where I want to be.

I was NOT doing everything I could before.  I was trying & failing.  I was not taking control or responsibility.

With the BodyMedia Fit Link, Control, Accountability, & Results are right at your finger tips.  It made me realize all the things I was doing wrong and when you log the food you eat & see the calories you are burning you know exactly what you need to do to get the results you want.  In fact you can tell the Activity Manager the results you want & It will set you up with the plan that will get you there.

It was amazing to be able to keep track of my daily calorie intake & burn right from my smartphone.  This system is not magic.  However, if you burn more calories than you consume - you will lose weight & this system takes all the guess work out of knowing your calorie burn or intake.  You can even see when you have a calorie surplus & hurry and do a little exercise in the evening to burn those excess calories & get your calorie numbers to be a deficit.  You actually start to notice how many calories you have burned and know what you can have.  Instead of devouring a whole bag of chips I would do the math see I could eat 15-20 chips and then stop!  I will continue wearing my arm band long after I lose the weight to stay in control of my fitness, know the amount of sleep I get and the quality of my sleep (yes it seriously measures the quality of your sleep).  I would highly recommend this system to anyone!  Not only is it effective & motivating but it is actually even fun.  It is great knowing I am in charge of my body, my fitness, and my results.

TO BUY (or learn more):  To purchase the BodyMedia Fit Link (along with a Free 3 month subscription to the Activity Manager) go to  You can also learn more about the device and compare the different armbands.

BodyMedia Discount:  If you use my referral link you will receive a 15% discount and 3 free months subscription to the Activity Manager.   I will receive an additional 3 months subscription to the activity manager for referring you - everyone wins...  or technically I guess loses (weight)!  Make sure after you get yours you give your friends your referral link as well so they can get the discount & you can get 3 more free months!

Also, feel free to come back & post your experience with the BodyMedia Fit Link arm band & your weight loss success so we can all support & cheer for each other!


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