Thursday, March 14, 2013

Huge Selection of Safety Signs

We have a little alley in the back of our house where all the driveways are.  It is nice that cars are never really driving down the street road out front but the kids need to go out back to get the bikes out of the garage, etc.  The problem is people are constantly speeding down our alley.  It isn't really even a road - more of just access to the homes driveways - yet people use it as a thru street and go way to fast. 

I have been looking for Children at Play signs at found  They have an amazingly large selection of Traffic Signs, Parking Signs, Security Signs and more.  I actually even found a few other signs I didn't know existed that I want now too!  I think we are going to get a security sign, a children at play sign, and a playground safety rules sign since all the neighborhood kids come to our house to play on the playground!

So if you have been looking for safety signs and have one you are having trouble finding this is a great resource to check out!


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