Sunday, March 31, 2013

Great Alternative to Nursing Homes

There has been a lot going on with my grandparents and their health lately, and it has got me thinking.  Thinking about what I will do when my parents get older.  Thinking about what my children and I will do when I get older.

I never want to be a burden on my children.  I don't want them to be constantly worrying about me when they have their own children, jobs, and families to worry about.  However, the hard fact remains I do not ever want to be put into a nursing home, just as I never want to put my parents in a nursing home.  Not only do you hear all those horror stories about some of these places, but who wants to leave everything familiar to them when they get old?  Not me.  I want to be in my home, with my items, where my family can come visit anytime!

I got searching the last few days for great alternatives to Nursing Homes and came across VitalalertThey are a company that offers medical alert so at the press of a button you get connected with a dispatcher.  These dispatchers are medically trained professionals available 24/7 to help.  They're trained with things such as injuries, illness, accidents, fire, burglary, and more.  They can even offer support to someone who needs to provide CPR, the Heimlich maneuver, control bleeding, open an airway, or deliver a baby!  Not only can you get in contact with the dispatch but they offer a 24/7 nurse helpline feature so you can get any questions answered whether it be about a prescription, illness symptoms, etc.

It is scary when your grandparents (or parents, etc) get older and they start falling and getting hurt and you worry "How long they will be there without help if they fall again?"  I am glad there are companies like this out there to give people another option besides nursing homes.  You can check out all the Features & How it Works on their website  If you are faced with putting someone you love in a nursing home and they really want to stay in their own home I would highly suggest researching this company more or looking into in-home care from a nurse.  I know in my last days I want to be where all of my memories are!


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