Friday, March 1, 2013

Quit Wasting Your Money - Quick & Easy Ways to get the best deal

I am always amazed at how much money is wasted.  Others may call it spent but I call it wasted.

Last time I was in Rue 21 shopping I saw someone check out with the coupon they sometimes offer "$10 off $20 -or- $20 off $40 -or $40 off $80".  This lady spent $70 and received her $20 off (bringing the total to $50).  I wanted to scream......  wasted money.  If she would have purchased $10 more dollars worth of merchandise she would have received the $40 off (bringing the total to $40).  She would have got $10 more in merchandise and spent $10 less.  I see situations like this all the time!

In case you haven't read my article about Tips for Saving Money you may want to go check it out!  A few of my favorite ways to save money are detailed below - so read on and please quit wasting your money!

Tips to Saving Money the quick & easy way

1.  Always research, research, and then research.  If you are like me and want to find the absolute best price you can Google Search for the product and look for deals.  If you are like my husband you don't want to go home and hop on Google.  You want instant gratification.  In that case there are plenty of apps for smart phones such as the "Scan" app or "ShopSavvy" app that let you scan a barcode & will search for local & online prices for the item so you know if you are getting the best price.

2.  Search for coupons.  I am not saying you need to clip coupons (although this saves a lot of money as well).  There are plenty of online sites that show you the top coupons stores are offering. is one of my favorites because every time you use their link/coupon they use the small commission they receive to go towards buying a meal for a hungry child through a feeding partner!  Sites like this are awesome for getting large discounts quickly & easily.  For example right now on their site they have coupons for 40% off Justice, 10% off $75 at Kmart, $10 off $50 for NewEgg New Customers, 40% off at Nutrisystem, $12 off $99 at Brookstone, and so many more!  So whenever you are about to purchase something online make sure you check for a coupon before you check out & pay full price!

3.  Search for Free Shipping Partners.  If you shop on Amazon a lot it may be worth getting a prime membership.  However, if you are a student make sure you sign up for Amazon Student instead which offers the Free Two-Day Shipping (Comes with a 6 month free trial and then it is $39/year half the cost of Amazon Prime).  Sites like also offer free 2 day shipping through many of the sites you may already shop at so it may be worth getting a ShopRunner Membership.  Last but not least you can always search sites like for Free Shipping Coupon Codes.


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