Monday, February 18, 2013

Beautiful Wedding Dress

I was married in Las Vegas.  I know what you were thinking...  No I was not drunk, no it was not a spur of the moment thing.  We live about 4-5 hours from Las Vegas and since we were trying to save money & decided being together was all that really mattered we headed to Vegas.  It was a wonderful day in the sense that I married the man of my dreams.  However, it was one thing wrong after another.  I got dressed & my soon to be husband quickly informed me my dress was see-through.  I looked and could not see what he was talking about so he had me walk to the window where the sun was shining & wow - yes it was see-through.  I was frustrated and he assured me people in Vegas loved see-through clothes, it was probably the style there.  However, despite all his re-assurances I did not like the idea of heading out into public showing more than needed!  So jeans and a shirt were thrown on and off we went.  Yes - my husband had his Corona T-Shirt and a Baseball Cap on as he kissed the bride.  I do not regret it - not for a second.....  however, if I had it to do over I would definitely have had family there - I do wish I would have had my father walk me down the aisle (I am such a daddy's girl at heart) and I wish I would have had a wedding dress.  I just saw a photo of the most beautiful dress on this raleigh wedding photographers website and that is what got me thinking about all this.  The dress is gorgeous (check out the 5th and 8th photos down on the page for front and back pictures).  Oh how I wish I would have had a dress like this and my dad that day!  Either way though, I got what really matters - an amazing husband and great father to my children.


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