Monday, January 14, 2013

Lumpy's South (Sandy, UT) Review

It is the Playoffs!  Unfortunately my team (Steelers) didn't make it this year but I still love the playoffs.  The great games, getting together with friends, the anticipation of who will make it to the superbowl & ultimately who will be the next SuperBowl Champion!

Well some friends and I decided we better go watch the game last Saturday night.  We originally planned on going to Buffalo Wild Wings in Lehi, UT but I quickly got a call from my friend saying they were much too crowded and maybe we should try out the new Lumpys location - Lumpys South in Sandy, Utah.  Sounded fun, so I agreed and headed up for the fun night with friends.

I have recently started the Body for Life diet (I will keep you all updated on the results) and Saturday was my first cheat day!  I was so excited to have some GOOD food, soda, & fun (I had to drive so figured I better not drink!) 

THE WAIT:  We waited about 20 minutes or so trying to find someone who could give us a menu.  Finally I walked up to the bar & when I couldn't get the bartenders attention grabbed a menu from right behind the bar.  It took about 2 minutes of looking over the menu before we made a decision (we were HUNGRY!)  Then about another 10 minutes to flag someone down to take our order.  2 of their sample platters appetizers & one order of Chips & Salsa.  We waited, waited, and waited.  After about an hour and a half wait (or longer) we finally received our food and I had to remind the waitress we also needed the chips & salsa and that we needed 2 glasses of water.   Don't ask me how Chips & Salsa take 1 1/2 hours because I really have no clue. 

THE FOOD:  The food was lukewarm at best.  I ate the onion rings & some fries but was a little too scared to try the chicken wings - I figured if everything else was this cold who even knew if the Chicken was done!  I really think the fries would have been quite good had they been warm.  They were the type of fries I like just way too cold to be good.

MORE WAIT:  After about 20 minutes we still had not received the glasses of water so I got someone who looked like a manager & asked if in fact he was the manager.  His response "No, but do you need something" I explained we had been waiting for water for 20 minutes and he explained he was a manager but just of the night club & he would get our waters.

THE FIGHT:  Not long after that the staff was trying to throw someone out & ran right into our table.  I luckily was on the other side of the table but my 2 friends got thrown right into the table, our drinks flew, broken glass everywhere, drinks everywhere, food ruined, clothes wet, a few scrapes & bruises (on my friends not me) - yes this was definitely the final straw.  We grabbed our stuff & after paying the $40 bill left - the staff was all standing there cleaning up our table.  Didn't try to stop us from leaving - didn't try to correct the situation - didn't try to comp the ruined food.  Nothing!  Now I could have handled the wait (they were busy), could have handled the crappy food (barely handled it at those prices), but being treated with a complete lack of respect and customer service is completely unacceptable to me!!!

Have you ever seen that show Bar Rescue?  If you haven't you should check it out.....  I love that show.  Well Jon Taffer if you are reading -- This Bar definitely needs some rescue because they have lost us as returning customers & I am sure we are not the only ones who are in total awe that they can treat customers this way and expect to remain in business!  This is by far THE WORST bar I have ever been to (and this includes the local run down bar we sometimes head to)!   I have tried contacting them but their only response has been that they were much busier that night than normal & no restaurant in the world could keep up with being that much busier than normal.  I guess no one has clued these people in that yes, sometimes the unexpected happens, but a little decency & customer service can smooth things over and go a long long ways!  (Although I still wonder how it is unexpected that a sports bar atmosphere like this gets more business during a playoff game.  I kind of expected that but apparently they did not.)

Summary:  If I were you I would avoid this place like the plague, don't waste your time or money!

Side Note:  I have also spoke to Lumpys Downtown - they were very apologetic about our experience (Thank you!) - please keep in mind that Lumpys Downtown & Lumpys South are not under the same ownership or management so please do not let your experiences at Lumpys South give Lumpys Downtown the same bad image!


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