Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Free Music MP3's - Thousand Available on Amazon - including Coldplay, Fun Kid Songs, etc

I love music - maybe everyone does.  It is amazing how it can almost instantly change your mood.  On bad days there is nothing that lifts my spirits quite like sitting and playing the piano or listening to music!  I am constantly buying singles (or whole albums) on Amazon & was so excited to find that they have a ton of FREE MP3s!  So if you are looking for a great freebie just go to this link Amazon Free MP3s.  Please note that although there are over 50,000 available there may be TONS that do not interest you.  I found quite a few I wanted though - here are just a few that I downloaded while they are free!

Coldplay Viva La Vida Free MP3
Coldplay Paradise Free MP3
Coldplay Clocks
Coldplay Yellow
Coldplay Fix You

Just 4 Kids Greatest Hits (Whole Album Free & Includes lots of fun songs!)


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