Saturday, January 19, 2013

Keep your Guns Locked up with a safe

With all the debates on guns right now I thought I would share this site.  This site has a wide variety of biometric safes which are a great way to keep your guns secure & locked away.  We own quite a few guns but with having three children keeping them locked up is an absolute necessity.  All of our children know gun safety.  They know the rules when they see a gun are
1.  Stop
2.  Don't Touch and
3.  Tell an Adult
Sometimes I will even test them.  We will leave a gun we know is not loaded on the bed and ask one of them to go grab my phone, or purse, or something that is in the same area.  We make sure that they come back IMMEDIATELY after being sent up and let us know there was a gun on the bed.  We are not only making sure that they come and tell us but that they do it quickly enough that we know the stopped as soon as they saw it and did not touch it.  I am pleased to say they have always passed this little test.
I am a firm believer in our 2nd amendment rights - but no matter your beliefs, or my beliefs - if you own a gun it is a smart idea to keep it locked up!


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