Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Office Depot Worklife Reward

If you haven't already you will want to sign up for Office Depot Worklife Rewards!  They run some great promotions where you get 100% back on certain purchases. 
This week they have a lot of items you can get the 100% bonus rewards on.  From Professional Binders, Duracell Batteries, 3 hole paper punch, stapler, scissors, tape, highlighters, pens, etc... 
What a great time to stock up on batteries, tape, and scissors for Christmas!  Remember you can only buy 2 of each item per day (and get the 100% back in bonus rewards).  Click here to see the items eligible for the 100% back bonus this week.

You can also go to myworkliferewards.com to get more information on the program


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