Friday, September 14, 2012 Review has great toys for kids of all ages!  These toys will help your little one learn and encourage their development! I received 3 toys to review from Genius Babies and have definitely enjoyed letting the kids play with them!

I have been waiting to try this Baby Face Photo Jumbo Quilt Playmat out for the new little one to arrive!  My 3 year old loved to see all the babies but I really wanted to see how a younger child would react to this since that is who this toy is more intended for.  My daughter is still pretty little but I love letting her have a little tummy time on this mat.  Studies show that babies love looking at faces more than anything, so this is an excellent little play mat for infants.  I love that one of the spots is actually a mirror so the child can look at their self as well and the peek a boo flap is a fun addition as well!  At 4 ft by 4 ft this is the largest play mat you can find for your little one and is on sale right now for $24.95 (much cheaper than a lot of play mats).  It has 8 links to attach your babies favorite toys.  I love how well it washes as well, it is machine washable and after already being through a couple washes (mainly due to my 3 year old) this mat still looks brand new!


The Soft Sorting Pals - Earlyears is an award winning toy!  It is the  Parenting Toy of the Year!
The Monkey acts as a handle for take-along play. Jingles, Mirrored base, Crinkles, Barks, Rattles, Squeaks w/5 Fun Sounds.  The little one is not old enough to play with this yet but once again my 3 year old enjoyed the toy.  I have always purchased the shape sorter toys for my kids when they were younger and this is my favorite one so far.  I love that they shapes are soft and are fun alone, having the box to use for shape sorting just makes it all twice as fun!  I love this toy and can see why it won the Parenting Toy of the Year!

The Frog in a Box entertained my daughter for hours when I got it.  It is a fun toy similar to a jack in the box - where a stuffed frog "jumps" out when you open the lid.  This toy even had my son laughing and teasing his dad.  We all had quite a bit of fun with it but after a few days of play it has got quite difficult to make work.  You stuff the frog in and push it all the way down, where it will stay until the lid is re-opened.  However, it doesn't want to stay all the way down anymore and usually takes quite a while to get it to work!  I am not sure if the one I received is faulty or if they are all like this - hopefully just mine because this toy was a lot of fun and brought a lot of laughs along with it!

The Dirty Truth is Genius Babies has amazing toys and they will definitely be a place I keep in mind for future toy purchases for my little ones - especially with the Holidays coming!   Every single one of the toys we received has been a HUGE hit at our house.  One of the tags had a few mis-spellings (spelled the teh a few times, etc) and me and my husband joked that if whoever made the tag for the toys would have played with these toys when they were little they would have been smarter and more accurate with their spelling as an adult!  I know these toys will help our little one reach her milestones on time if not early and keep her entertained while encouraging her to learn!  I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for fun and educational baby toys!

Disclosure:  I was not paid for this review or giveaway.  I was given the above product to review and all opinions are my own. I am not responsible for the prize being delivered to the winner of the giveaway - I will forward your information to the sponsor whom is responsible for supplying the winner with the prize.


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