Monday, September 17, 2012

Mangroomer Review & Giveaway

Mangroomer has all the best products for the man in your life!  They have any type of grooming product your man could possibly need, from back shavers, to nose and ear hair trimmers, hair dryers and more.  I was lucky enough to review two of the Mangroomer products.

The Stainless Steel Detail Groomer comes with 3 different attachments for trimming nose, neckline, sideburns, ears and eyebrows.  My husband actually already owned a nose and ear trimmer but this was a huge upgrade from his previous one.  Not only does it have all the different attachments but I think his favorite feature is this is waterproof so he can easily do the trimming in the shower.  The trimmer does an amazing job which is great not only for him but let's face it ladies - it is probably just as much for us when our man gets rid of those unsightly nose hairs!  The eyebrow trimmer has a great little brush on it to make it a piece of cake when it comes to taking care of eyebrow hair.  My favorite part of this was the multi-purpose attachment which made it easy for me to do my husbands neckline and him to do his sideburns.  It is amazing how fast his hair grows and keeping his neckline trimmed is a must, this makes that a quick task!

The Scruff Sculptor Pro is the best trimmer on the market that I have seen.  Talk about fancy!  This beard and stubble trimmer has it all.  It has length controls to the millimeter so you can get that perfect length and it has an LCD screen to show the length so you can easily see and adjust where you want it!  The screen also shows you the battery and charging status.  Another feature great for us ladies is it has a Whisker Belly trap so they can easily dispose of all that hair (because I know I hate going to clean the bathroom and finding little whiskers EVERYWHERE on the sink, counter, etc).   My husband charged this overnight initially but each charge since has only taken a few hours to have it fully recharged.  He loves the Self Sharpening blades and Power Burst button which means when their are stubborn and thicker areas he pushes the power burst button and it gives it the extra power to get through the hair.  This comes in handy because if he doesn't trim every couple days it can and will get pretty thick!

The Dirty Truth is Mangroomer is THE company for your mans grooming needs.  Their products are top of the line high quality products.  Plus whoever invented these products probably has a woman in their life because their are several features (such as less mess) that make these products something you will be thankful your man owns!  Enter below for your chance to win the Stainless Steel detail groomer.

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