Monday, February 25, 2013

New Car Designs - what is the new style

My car recently got totalled.  I was depressed, seriously depressed.  I was so happy no one was hurt in the accident & definitely counting my blessings - but I loved my car.  It was the 2007 Saturn Ion and it had everything I wanted.  It handled well in the snow, had a separate stereo for the back seat with wireless earphones, on star, leather, remote start, and more - really this was my dream car.  Not to mention this thing could go - I am no race car driver but it was nice knowing I could (and a lot of times would) fly past all the other cars when the light turned green or they were driving along too slow.

Ah, but now that car is gone and we are driving and older 2000 Ford Expedition so that we wouldn't have a car payment and could get out of debt.  Now I am browsing through cars trying to decide what my next vehicle will be and seeing how many new car designs are on the market.

I found Scion has some great prices but I am not sure about the designs.  I have seen everyone driving around in little box cars lately and I am thinking maybe I am getting old and not staying in style (much like I am constantly thinking when I see people wearing clothes from the 80's everywhere and I just can't bring myself to do it).

Check out this Scion IQ price $16,020 (Automatic MSRP) - While the price is appealing - what do you think about this design?  Is this where all car designs are going?  Do I need to "get with the times" or is okay to still love the more traditional style of my 2007 Saturn Ion, etc?  What do you think?


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