Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Help for Drug Users

When you read help for "Drug Users" you may be thinking this is a post about those darn pot heads, or someone tripping out on LSD, maybe someone who does crack?  Truth is many of today's drug users are using opiates.  You probably know someone who has a drug problem because many many people do.

I agreed to write this post quite frankly because it hits home & it hits home hard.  I do and have known people with addictions to these types of drugs & I have seen first hand what it can do to these people - the people you love.

Many people use methadone to help them get off heroin and other narcotics, the problem is methadone itself is addicting & these types of drugs can ruin lives.  There are certain places that can help with methadone detoxification.  If you know anyone with such a problem I highly recommend seeing if they are open to going to one of these places.  These are serious problems - in fact in 2009 the reports showed that Prescription Drug Related deaths passes the number of deaths from car accidents in the year.

So no matter if you have a problem, or someone you know and love has the problem you may want to look into getting help.  Like I said I have seen people I love struggle with such problems and they don't get better or easier on their own - it is a very hard thing to overcome & a hard thing to watch the people you love go through, but with help it can be done.


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