Saturday, September 22, 2012

BlanketMyBaby Review

I love personalized baby products, personalization instantly makes them more meaningful.  Not only does have about any type of blanket you can imagine, but they have Personalized Baby Blankets as well!

All of my children have had a security blanket, my 3 year old still takes her blanket everywhere - we have already had to fold it in half and sew it because it was getting ripped, etc.  She will even talk to her blanket though and we do not leave home for very long without it.  It is a big blanket though and kind of a pain to tote around, so I was excited to find the Baby Lovie to get for our new little one!

The Baby Lovie is so soft and the satin trim is wonderful because both of my older kids have loved blankets with that silky feel (actually the same blanket....  my daughter just took it over some how and luckily my son let her.)  It is a simple and cute design and small enough at 14 x 14 inches that she will be able to take it with her wherever she wants!  Plus with it personalized with her name hopefully her sister will never claim it!  I love that my little ones have an item that makes them feel secure and actually experts recommend giving a child, six months and older, a security object.

The Dirty Truth is Blanket my Baby can cover any of your blanket needs and their Baby Lovie is adorable and a perfect baby shower gift, or something to get for your little one.  Plus, this product is made in the U.S.A. so you know it meets all the strict requirements and will be safe for your little one.  I don't know about you but sometimes I worry about what was used to make products for my baby when they are made elsewhere!  The BlanketMyBaby products are top quality and very reasonably priced!


To purchase your own go to  You can also follow BlanketMyBaby on Twitter or Facebook to keep up to date on their deals and products!


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