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The Green Smoothies Diet Book - By the Green Smoothie Girl (Robyn Openshaw) - Review and Giveaway

I was really excited to receive this book.  Not only because I have been to one of the Green Smoothie Girl Seminars and really enjoyed it, but I knew as a review I would HAVE to read it.  I love reading, but being a mother of two, a wife, cooking, cleaning, working, blogging, etc does not leave much time for reading.  This book was finished in a few days!  Not only because it was nice to have some reading time - but it was something I didn't want to put down!

This book promises something that can help with so many issues my family has:  Me being tired all the time, my husbands high cholesterol, his high blood pressure, those last 10 lbs. I want to lose (which I'm sure will be more when I am done with this pregnancy), my kids always getting sick, etc!

I was sure after attending a seminar last year that I already knew everything Robyn had to say.  I was wrong!  This book starts with Robyn's personal story and experiences and how some of these things such as her sons asthma have all contributed to her becoming "The Green Smoothie Girl" and living the healthy life that she does. Her story and what she has been through and what she has learned is inspiring to say the very least.  You cannot read this book without wanting to do some of these things to better your own life.

This book also has so many fascinating facts.  I love the chart she included on all the different greens and what different values they have of protein, calcium, fiber, magnesium, and many many other things.  I also loved how she detailed all these different greens with a description of each, what they taste like, what you can use them for, etc.  One of the most interesting things in this book was the results from the survey Robyn did on her site  The survey was taken by 175 green-smoothie drinkers that had been drinking green smoothies for at least 30 days, a pint a day for at least 3 days a week.  These results were amazing.  This book details every results she got from the study:  The good, the bad, the amazing!  I am not going to list ALL the results here but here were a couple of my favorites!
* 85 percent experienced more energy
* 79.5 percent experienced improved digestion
* 65 percent experienced fewer cravings for sweets and processed foods
* 54 percent experienced more positive, stable mood 
* 50 percent experienced an improvement in skin tone, or fewer blemishes
* 50 percent experienced weight loss (Average reported was 18.25 pounds, and keep in mind that a lot of the participants may not have needed to lose any weight!)
* 39 percent experienced blood sugar stabilization
* 36 percent experienced people telling them they look better

Some other benefits reported in the survey:
* Arthritis symptoms/pain gone or reduced
* Gray hair returned to original color
* Decreased Blood Pressure
* Deep facial wrinkles "barely noticeable" 
* Depression symptoms gone
* Seasonal allergies gone or decreased

Talk about some inspiring survey results, and these are just a few!!!  These all sound pretty great to me and could help someone in my family!  This book discusses some ways to help get your children drinking green smoothies (if you make them right this won't be hard I promise - my 3 year old begs me for them).  What you will need to make the smoothies (Robyn suggest a Blendtec or Vitamix Blender, however if you don't have money for those I have a decent one from Walmart (probably $40 one) that has a hard time doing the job, but it does get it done none the less and I am looking into finding more blenders that may be up to the task)!  Tips to save money in your green smoothie making, growing your own greens, etc.

The book also has different diets you can follow with Green Smoothies.  Such as the Three-Day Green Fast (Detox), the Thirty-Day Fat Burner Cleanse (Weight Loss), and the Green Smoothie for Life (Permanent lifestyle change).  This book includes over 50 green smoothie recipes (one of which I have already posted so look back probably close to 10 posts to find that recipe).  She also goes over some frequently asked questions and has 38 pages in this book just of testimonials!

I truly think this is a book for everyone and I think it could assist ALL OF US in improving our lives!  That is quite a bold statement and I would not make it if I did not truly believe it!

Robyn a.k.a. "The Green Smoothie Girl" also hosts free seminars so go to her events page and look to see if she is hosting a free seminar in your area.  She does not try to sell anything at these seminars!  Like I said, I went to one in my area last year!  It was very informative and we even got to sample a green smoothie!  So I would highly recommend if she will be coming to your area anytime soon!

My Testimonial:  Green Smoothie?  Disgusting right!  Um, wrong!  Okay, in case I cannot convince you here is the link to the recipe I posted:  I challenge each of you to make a green smoothie - (you can half this recipe like I do if you have a smaller blender).  Come back here and comment what you thought if you did this!  For anyone who sends me a picture of their green smoothie and comments on what they thought (Good or Bad - just your HONEST opinion) I will give you 25 extra entries to the giveaway (look for this option on the rafflecopter).  I have made some horrible green smoothies before I had a recipe, but this recipe has been a life saver - they have all been delicious with this recipe!  (I've even got my husband to start drinking them and have seen him sneak seconds.  This is huge as it is green, that is enough for my husband to say NO WAY, but they are so good he is even giving in!)  I am excited to have even more recipes to use with this book.  I did green smoothies after the seminar for 1 week and lost a few pounds (note I am not overweight and do not have much to lose so a few pounds was HUGE for me).  I really hope you will all try this because we all deserve to better our lives!!

Wow okay, enough of me rambling on, I am just a little excited about all of this!  On to what you are all wanting - an awesome giveaway!  Enter the giveaway below for your chance to win "The Green Smoothies Diet" book!

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