Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Summer Infant's Slumber Buddies Review

Given the choice of a few different summer infant products to review I instantly knew which one was the winner!  Not because it was what interested me the most or even the most functional.  However, this product would make my daughter know I was "the best mom ever" and I knew that!  Before I even got the product I knew it would be enjoyed in my house - but I didn't know how much.

Summer Infant has these fun new Slumber Buddies!  Bella the Butterfly and Frankie the Frog!  They help create a calm and comforting environment for your little one at bed time!  Plus, they make bed time something your little one will more easily agree to!  My daughter has come to LOVE Bella the Butterfly!  In fact the other day I couldn't figure out where she ran off to......  I found her lights out in the bathroom with Bella the Butterfly looking at the stars on the ceiling and listening to the calming music!  I had to ruin her fun and turn on the lights so I could snap this cute picture!
They have 3 different color display options and a 30-minute auto shut-off which comes in handy because my daughter will continually turn it on until she falls asleep.  She loves seeing the stars and moon on her walls and ceiling and it has eliminated the need for night lights or leaving her light on when she goes to bed! My 11 year old son even likes it (he won't admit he wants one since it is something his little sister likes, but I think he would even enjoy it!)  Plus, with the 3 lullabies and 2 nature sounds I think it is something the baby will enjoy as well - but I don't think I will know for sure until I go buy another one because there is no way my daughter is going to let this one leave her room at night!

The Dirty Truth is I would highly recommend this product to anyone with younger children (and even older children if it is something that interests them!)  The music is quite relaxing and it has made bedtime SO much easier for us.  It has also become one of my daughters favorite toys to carry around with her during the day.  You can buy them at your local Walmart for a very reasonable price of $25.00 or you can get them a little less than that on!  I know I will be buying at least one more once the baby is born!


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