Wednesday, February 16, 2011


We have had an Epson Workforce printer for the last year.  Right before Christmas we got ourselves a Kodak Printer.  Let me tell you......  best thing we ever did.  If you are looking into a printer I highly recommend a Kodak printer.  The price of a Kodak printer is very comparable to other printers on the market, but the ink is not - it is much cheaper! 

Our Epson workforce printer/scanner/copier/fax did all of the above fine except for printing (which is the main reason we had it).  The problem with Epson is that the ink goes extremely quick.  Epson has an individual ink cartridge for each color.  This might not be a terrible thing if it were not for the fact that if you run out of say yellow - you can not print in black & white.  Once you run out of ANY color your machine is completely worthless until you go buy more ink.  It will not print, it will not work, until you go spend the money to buy a color you may not need for another month, 2 months, who knows maybe a year.

With Kodak I am not positive it works this way, however I do know that the ink costs are considerably less.  We bought a 2 pack for all the colors and it cost less that it would have been to get one color of each in Epson!  I even e-mailed Epson Customer Service (I couldn't find a number to call) about 3 months into owning it and explained my frustrations asking if there was a way around this.  I still have yet to hear back from Epson, which might be worse than the ink issues.  I absolutely hate when a customer lacks service.  If you want my money you better show me respect and service, I can handle problems but I expect help resolving them.

So, now you have my two cents on printers.....  I love my Kodak and I would probably try any other brand before I would ever buy an Epson again!

Do any of you have input on this?  A printer you've owned and hated, or perhaps one you really like?  I would love any input!

Disclosure:  This review is in no way sponsored!  I just like my Kodak & hated my Epson and wanted to share so I can hopefully prevent someone from the Epson woes I once had :)


Elaine February 17, 2011 at 5:12 AM  

Thank you for the review. I did hear in a commercial that Kodak Ink was cheaper and had thoughts of Kodak being my next printer when I need one. I hope it performs to your needs and standards. Please write an update as you continue to use it more.

angelintheflamez March 4, 2011 at 9:26 AM  

I have had a Kodak ESP 7 for almost two years. It is a good printer and yes ink is cheap. I was very excited, yet like it says about epson, if the color (all in one pack) goes out I could not print just a B&W for my daughters school work, and it did NOT let me know it was going to run out, said I needed black bought it showing the color was 1/2 full to come home and have to go right back out for the color that when I shook ink came out! :/ I also noticed that when I got all my ink done I printed out a report in diff colors for my daughter and the orange quickly went to pink! IDK good luck and ty for the ink info on epson.

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