Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Disney Blu Ray/DVD Combo Packs Deal on Amazon

Amazon is having a great deal on some DVD/Blu Ray Combo packs right now.

If you pre-order TANGLED Blu-Ray/DVD Combo Pack and one other on the page (link below) such as Beauty and the Beast you get $10 off.  So you could get the Blu-Ray/DVD Combo Pack for Tangled & Beauty & the Beast (or one of the other choices) for less than $30 (and free super saver shipping!)
This is a great deal and to make it even better you could keep either the Blu-Ray or DVD and give the other away as a gift!  I don't know how long this deal runs so check it out soon, the link is below!

Okay I totally put Twisted, not "Tangled" in this post earlier.  I know you're all thinking I'm losing it....  I feel the same way today - I was talking about the deal to my husband and my son actually said "You mean TANGLED Mom?"  Good think I have the little guy to catch my errors!!!

Amazon Blu Ray/DVD Disney Combo Deal


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