Monday, February 7, 2011

The challenges of a nine year old and two year old sharing a room!

Well as I've already told you we spent the last weekend moving both kids to where the office was, converting my sons old room into a toy room, and moving the office to my daughters old room!

We found some wooden bunk beds for $50 and went and got them.  My son was so excited to share a room with his sister and have bunk beds!  Granted, she is not in a bed yet.  She still likes the comfort of the crib (unless she really doesn't want to nap then she begs for the bed so she can run wild.)

Well most nights we lay her down and then my son goes to bed half hour later so she is already asleep.  Well when he went in tonight she was not already asleep.  I am down stairs and I can hear singing, whining, giggling, etc.  Come to find she wanted to sleep in bed so her brother took her out of her crib.  She then would not stay in bed so he put back in the crib.  I sneak up the stairs to play the part of the eaves dropping mother that I truly am.  She is singing the ABC's (or rather attempting to) and he is giggling.  It is now more than an hour past bed time so I go in with my serious voice and tell them both goodnight and to go to bed.  She keeps singing and he cannot hold back the giggles, I try to tell him he has to be quite or he'll go to bed early tomorrow but come on......  I can barely hold back the giggles either.  I sit in front of the crib and tell her goodnight, she kisses me, I tell her "No more singing the ABCs" so she naturally with the reminder starts singing them again.

Needless to say neither are going to want to get up in the morning, and hopefully this does not go on every night.  Really though, how do you put an end to this behavior when you can't hold a straight face with how cute they are being despite the hour!  They are just the cutest kids and for 7 years difference they are such a cute brother & sister!


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