Sunday, January 23, 2011

My Cute Dress Ups - Review

My daughter is a girly girly.  You know what I mean.  One of those girls that wants to put on make-up with mommy, wear mommy's high heels, have her hair pretty, whines endlessly, is cute enough to get away with it, loves her daddy more than anything, and is only 2!
Yes - we have our hands full and will for a long long time.  She is so darn cute though, how do you not spoil her and give her what she wants?

When I found I knew this was something my daughter would love.  I half way laughed to myself thinking of her dressing up in all these cute little dresses and how she would be so cute, and probably know it.  I was very excited that they let me do a review on their Fancy Snow White Princess Costume!

This dress is absolutely gorgeous.  I know it looks amazing in the picture but really it does not even do it justice.  The yellow bottom is yellow & golden and the top is velvety and so soft.  It is beautiful.  It has little red velvet flowers all over the blue front of the dress and a fancy white collar. 
The main things I love about this dress are that it is not itchy!  My daughter does not get bothered by wearing it.  A lot of things I have bought her at Walmart or other places are cheap and you can see why once you put it on her.  She immediately wants them off and has red marks on her body from them poking her.  No such problems with this dress, it looks such high quality and it is especially when it comes to comfort.  Another thing I love is is set up so anyone can use it.  I am pretty good with computers but there are some websites that make me crazy!  Their site is set up so you can find what you are looking for and find it quick!  They also had wonderful customer service and the shipping was quicker than I have EVER seen.  I found that the company is rather close to me so it probably won't be as quick for some that don't live so close but I had my dress the next day!  Amazing!

The Dirty Truth is that has beautiful, inexpensive, high quality dress up costumes!  They don't only carry things like Snow White, Cindarella, Fairies, other characters, and dresses.  They also have 18 inch doll dresses, Boy costumes, Adult Costumes,  and costume accessories!  So if you have someone who likes to dress up or need a great site for Halloween this is it!  I will be buying more little quality dress up costumes for my daughter soon!

Not only can you check out all these great costumes on their website at but you can also go check out their Amazon Store!
Make sure to check them out on Facebook and Twitter too, or go check out their blog!


Mrs. Call Me Crazy January 23, 2011 at 4:37 PM  

I like the kids dress up clothes (and also secretly the adult sized one - I may have to get that to freak out the other moms at soccer games).

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