Saturday, December 8, 2012

Remodeling a Bathroom & how to remove a glued on mirror

Not long ago, we remodeled our main bathroom!  Our house is not that old - built in 1999, but it was cheaply built and it shows.

We were going to finish the basement and I wanted to move the old toilet to the bathroom down there and get a new one for the main bath......  so why not re-do the whole bathroom right?  My husband does not think I am clever with all these great ideas but I know I am - so I decided I would do it myself.  (Check out the before & after pics - I didn't do too bad!)

After much searching on the internet on how to remove a glued on bathroom mirror - I found an answer!  Duct Tape - it's true, it works for everything!   It still took a lot of pulling but the mirror did not break - THANK YOU DUCT TAPE!!!!

 I wish I would have got more before pictures that showed how crowded it was with the big ugly vanity in there!  However, my husband took out the vanity before I took pics - Yes, he helped with that part.  I got the sink off, etc. but for the life of me could not pull out the vanity - that is what actually brought on this post....
Another before pic
My husband thought I was crazy wanting to do this while we were trying to finish the basement (which I may add I am pretty handy and helped a lot with the basement too - I am learning!)
I was determined to get it done - and he was determined to teach me a lesson and make me do it all myself so I knew how much work it was.  He was right, it was a lot of work.....  I didn't realize I was going to have to mud the areas messed up from the mirror, or the vanity.  Then texture those areas, etc.  But I got it done & changed the color too!  I even added tile under where the new sink would go!
 Then came our new toilet......                Drum Roll Please.....................
The American Standard High Efficiency Clean White 2 pc Toilet from Lowes - (the link will lead you to it).  I LOVE this toilet.  I thought it would look funny since the bottom isn't shaped like a normal toilet - but it looks fine and is AMAZING to clean!  (In fact I have asked for more of these toilets for every holiday since and have yet to receive one....  so dear husband if you are reading this they are on sale right now for $199).  Anyways - this toilet is seriously awesome - it doesn't groove in like others on the bottom so there is no where for the icky stuff to hide - you side down the sides and your done, plus the inside has some kind of clean technology to where I don't need to scrub the toilet nearly as often, it stays pretty darn clean....  Below is a picture once I got the sink I bought used, the toilet I love, and the light in (oh and baseboards!)
 We got a mirror that opens up since the bathroom was low on storage area without a vanity.

 I found a calendar on clearance and used the pictures to frame for decoration in the bathroom!
 I LOVE how it turned out - and LOVE that I was able to do it myself (with a couple exceptions).  My husband DID NOT teach me a lesson because on Black Friday they had pretty vanities at Home Depot for $99 - so yes.....  I decided we should buy 2 of them and re-do my daughters bathroom and ours.  He is not impressed - at all!  I however, know now that I can do it myself - all except remove the vanity (which I have been asking him to do for a week with no results yet).  So while he is gone today I just removed the sink, etc. but now I am stuck!  So if any of you know an easy way to remove the vanity base please please let me know!!!   (It's like it is glued down or something - I can partially move it but it's stuck on something & yes I have removed all the screws, unhooked the plumbing etc)  I will make sure to post some before/after pics of that too!  Now that my son is older the Sponge Bob theme is leaving & I think the new bathroom theme with be Disney Princesses for the girls!!!  Can't wait for it to be done!  Wish me luck!

** No disclosure needed other than if you want a husband who doesn't think you are crazy do not follow my lead!


Susan W. December 11, 2012 at 10:55 AM  

A woman after my own heart! Lots of times when you want it done - you have to do it yourself and I say to us women - never underestimate the power of a woman! Good for you! Bathroom looks great :)

Ashly December 11, 2012 at 12:49 PM  

Thanks Susan! I did get my husband to remove the vanity. Silly me I had totally forgot when I removed one of the screws the head came off, and the screw was still in - hmmmm, no wonder it wouldn't come out! Wow I am scatter-brained! Either way we got it out - not in one piece, but I am ready to get to work now!!

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