Friday, July 27, 2012

Perfect time to Refinance

If you do not currently own a home I would suggest getting one now if you can!  We bought our house when prices were at the peak!  (About 5 years ago).  Seriously, it was almost like the market was just waiting for us to purchase, because as soon as we did prices started to drop.....  talk about horrible timing. 
Luckily, we like our house so we are okay staying for a while and we have been able to refinance to save a little bit of money on our mortgage payments.  If you have a high payment right now you may want to check out these helpful refinance tips or go to and see how much it could save you!
Our payment right now is actually $150 less than when we first purchased due to refinancing!  Now if only there was a way to re-negotiate the purchase price!

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