Monday, November 7, 2011

Oliver Kita Chocolates Review

Oliver Kita Chocolates recently sent me their Studio Collection to review!

Not only were these chocolates delicious but it was the first time I ever though twice about eating chocolate - they just looked so beautiful I didn't know if I should really eat them.  The product came neatly wrapped in a green paper, underneath which it was in a beautiful box with a bow neatly tied around it, and inside was the true work of art - the chocolates! 

I loved the variety of these chocolates - they ranged from sweet and fruity, to nuts, to espresso flavored.  I don't think there were any I did not like but my favorites were the Caramel du SEL (last one in bottom row) and the Marzipan Grand Marnier (second in the top row).  While I loved the fruity chocolates or espresso (because I love my coffee), these other two were so good I could have sat down and ate dozens of them alone!  Especially the Caramel du SEL - it has a hint of salt with a creamy caramel and was just the right mixture - it was absolutely wonderful!  I love almost any chocolate with caramel but these were to die for, these were like a little bite of heaven, these were worth gaining the weight for! 

If you are a chocolate fan or are looking for a great gift idea for someone who is you may want to check out and check out their brilliant collection of chocolates!  (If you buy them for someone else you will want to make sure it is someone close enough to share!)


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