Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Southwest Airlines is celebrating their 40th Anniversary!  What does that mean for us???  Awesome deals!  Now through 06/23/11 you can get great deals on Airfare through Southwest.com

Ticket needs to be purchased by 06/23/11 and valid for travel 08/23/11 thru 11/16/11
0-450 miles is $40 each way
451-1250 miles is $80 each way
1251+ miles is $120 each way.

For Example Salt Lake City to Houston is $80 each way!  I have been debating on going to Houston to see my parents in October when the Steelers play the Texans (I am a huge Steelers fan but usually we just go to Denver to watch them).  I looked up tickets a few weeks back and they were around $400-$450 each - for a family of 4 on a budget, trying to live by Dave Ramseys rules and get debt free - that amount is really just not acceptable!  Well for $160 round-trip we are debating it now!  I wish the sale lasted longer so I knew where we were sitting financially after Vegas but either way at these prices I can get all 4 tickets for less than what 2 would have cost a few weeks back!

So if you are on a budget, or just love getting a good deal - you might want to head over to Southwest.com and check out their 40th Anniversary Sale!


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