Friday, October 8, 2010

Baby Signing Time Review - What a great way to learn American Sign Language!

     Baby Signing Time has all sorts of products!  Honestly the only one I have used is their videos, but I absolutely love them!!!  My daughter has been watching these videos for sometime now and I honestly think that she has a bigger vocabulary because of these videos.  She is not even two years old and can tell you a large variety of words such as Banana, Apple, Moon, Dirty, All Done, Finished, etc. and she can show you the American Sign Language Sign for all of them!
     These movies have a lot of fun songs, show you the sign for each word and are actually kind of fun for the whole family.  We found these videos due to my brother in law being partially deaf and watching these videos and he loves them!  My daughter does not have any hearing problems (unless you count selective hearing) but she also loves these videos, she will even continually sign baby baby signing time so you know she wants to watch it!  I have even learned quite a bit of sign language from these videos and would recommend them to anyone.

     If you know anyone who could use or wants to learn American Sign Language these are a great place to start especially for children!

If you want more information on baby signing time their website is -


Rachel October 9, 2010 at 8:32 PM  

I'm starting a new blog too and I found you through a giveaway linkup. I added you on GFC and entered your giveaway - would you consider doing the same for me?

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