Saturday, October 27, 2012

UK Readers: Check out this top quality Greenhouse & Garden Equipment

I know a lot of my UK readers are not eligible on some of the giveaways but I am so excited I have found another great store to share with you! is an awesome garden & greenhouse equipment store and they have some great deals.  Besides having a HUGE selection of products, they also have an ongoing page for Monthly Deals so you can take advantage of some great prices. 

I love when I can get a huge discount on practical products!  They have some of their products at huge discounts in this section - take for example the Tomato Climbing Planters which are normally £14.99 are now 50% off!  They have tons of deals like this but this one definitely caught my eye because this is something I would love to have next gardening season (my family loves tomatoes!)

Some other items that caught my eye were their adorable outdoor clocks and with all the flies in my house right now from kids running in and out I couldn't help but notice they have a huge selection of pest control products (including Fly Pest Control).  So no matter what your gardening needs are you will want to check out this store and make sure to bookmark the monthly deals page to get the ultimate savings!


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