Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Tiny Love Take Along Mobile Review

Baby Mobiles have become one of the top items to get when you are having a new little one - and understandably so.  With babies spending most of their times laying on their backs either sleeping or looking around exploring their surroundings a crib mobile is a great item to have to keep your little one entertained.
The problem with mobiles is your baby isn't always laying in their crib.  You spend you money on the item but are left wondering what toy your baby can have when not in the crib.  Tiny Love Take Along Mobile is the answer!

The Mobile is just as high quality as crib mobiles but you can take it anywhere!  Just check out all the places we have been able to put this to use for our daughter!

The Dirty Truth is this is one of my favorite baby items!  This mobile seriously goes everywhere - even when she is just laying on the floor we attach it to a little rocking chair we have so she can watch it.  It is great that it can go with us because not only is it one of my favorites but this is definitely her favorite!  The second you turn it on she gives you a big toothless grin, one of the songs it plays has a part where the music plays quickly and she almost always does her little baby giggle during that part!  She absolutely loves this mobile an even after weeks of using it she has not grown tired of it.  I love that whether she is on the floor, in her car seat, bassinet, swing (yes she likes it better than the swing toys), etc. I can attach the mobile.  I am quite surprised the batteries have not died because this thing has been used A LOT the last few weeks - she is my little cuddle bunny and this is one of the few ways I can get anything done....  this Take Along mobile is definitely a Must Have Baby Product!

To Buy:  You can purchase it for $20-$25 at a store near you or on


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