Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Landscaping Your Yard

I honestly don't have time to keep my yard looking spectacular......  okay, not keep it looking that way because it doesn't - I don't have time to GET it looking that way!

However, I often dream of having it look wonderful and I do try at times (when I have time).  I actually will have a review coming about a lady who does flower baskets.  I am thinking about getting a cute statue though.  I found a website with a saint statue, Buddah statues, Benches, etc.   I wonder if benches look silly in little yards like mine (especially ones that need a lot of work) because I think one of their benches would work awesome between the two circular flower beds we have (about 4 feet apart).  Either way if you are looking for garden statues and more the Garden Gates has tons of stuff - and if you want to share your opinion on me putting a bench in my yard I would love to hear it!


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