Saturday, May 5, 2012

Mombo by Comfort & Harmony Review

What do you expect from a nursing pillow?  Sure we have all come to expect it needs to prop the baby up enough to feed, be semi-comfortable, and maybe even be good to prop the baby up when they are lounging.  Well be ready for higher expectations!  Comfort & Harmony is raising the bar.....  they are introducing the Mombo Pillow!

The Mombo has a firm side for feeding so your baby is propped up enough and a soft side for baby to comfortably lounge.  I love that it fits so snug so you know it will hold still when you are nursing or when you have your little one lounging on the pillow!  They are made of quality material that is super soft for even more added comfort and I love that this pillow is full enough to prop up the baby enough without having to set anything else under it!

As if all of this isn't enough to already exceed expectations....  well the Mombo has a soothing vibration you can easily turn on or off and you can even remove it from the pillow if you would like (not sure why you would want to, but the option is there!)  The cover also easily comes off so you can throw it in the washer and keep your mombo clean & ready for use!

The Dirty Truth is I have used many different nursing pillows and this is by far my favorite.  It has everything I expect from a nursing pillow and so much more

You can purchase the Mombo exclusively at Babies R Us / Toys R Us!


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