Thursday, February 9, 2012


So I have not been keeping up with ANYTHING in my life really the last few months!  There has been some crazy family stuff going on, the holidays, and to top it off I found out I am pregnant!  Yes, my husband did get fixed about 7 months ago - so yes this is a huge shock!  Not a disappointment as my kids are my greatest blessings - but a shock for sure!  I guess you are suppose to go get tested after those kind of procedures and make sure it worked, I guess I knew they failed but didn't know it "Could happen to us"!  You always think you are invincible to that kind of stuff - well we weren't!  I guess when you are meant to have another child - nothing will stop it from happening!  I mean how effective is a vasectomy?  I guess it was 0% effective for us!  100% for others - so if you are thinking you are done FOR SURE and this is your answer, make sure to do the check up afterwards!  Luckily we decided we were done, but this was because we already have a 10 year old - we really are kind of excited that fate had another child in store for us!  So we should have another addition to our little family sometime in August!  We finally finished our basement within the last month (besides we still need to finish up the bathroom and some shelves in the closet!)  Things have been crazy around here to say the least!  I am trying to get my life back in order, get my head straight, believe that we really have another little one on the way, and catch back up on my blogging! 


For the next few months I am going to primarily focus on BABY REVIEWS!  The best products for your (and my) babies!  I figure third time is the charm and I am going to find out what the best baby products really are and what you cannot live without - and the dirty truth on all those products in between!  For example - I never used a nursing bra with my son and tried one with my daughter....  I promise you I will have nursing bras this time - I never imagined how much easier they would make nursing!  Or cloth diapers?!?  Are they really usable?  I've always been VERY WILLING to spend the money on disposable diapers - I've never even tried a cloth diaper - well I am going to!  I am going to find out the truth on if they are something worth the effort or if you should take that effort earning a little more money to afford disposables!  I want to do everything right this time and have all the great items to help me along the way - so if there are any baby items you've been wondering about let me know and I will see if I can get a review!  I will still have a few other products in between but I am going to be focusing on baby products as much as possible in the coming months!  Wish me luck!


Susan D February 18, 2012 at 2:04 AM  

If you are going to try re-useable diapers I would recommend not getting a lot and having both in. I would also recommend the inserts as they make them work better and easier to clean up. My son had problems and so when he did go it came out at high speed and a lot (he could hold it in for up to 5 days) so they weren't suitable for us. If my son hadn't had his problems I would of probably carried on with them.

Ashly February 20, 2012 at 10:46 PM  

Thanks Susan! I am nervous to even try them! I have always used disposables, I guess I always imagined cloth diapers as the kind my grandma used.... I guess they've improved a lot of over the last 50 years though - ha! I think I might try them, not to say I will love them, or use them, but who knows I might - I know a lot of people do!

_ Ashly @ DirtyTruthReviews

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