Friday, February 17, 2012

The Best Blog Giveaways! Help me make my giveaways better!

What do you think are the best blog giveaways?

Do you like Rafflecopter the best?
I know I have really been liking entering the Rafflecopter ones! There is a blog I have been entering a couple giveaways on and it drives me crazy because it is wordpress and just comments for entries! Not only do I hate commenting 20 times, but it bugs to have to wait for what seems like forever in between each comment! The only reason I have entered the giveaways is a lot of them had LOW LOW entries - but I assume that is why, it takes so much time (plus I didn't win any of them - so I feel like I wasted FOREVER) where as Rafflecopter takes 30 seconds so even if you don't win it's no biggie! What do you think?

What entry methods do you hate? Which do you love?
I use to have people sign up for email/RSS, etc. for every giveaway but have kind of moved away from that. I figured if you like my content you will want to be updated on it and will sign up anyways! I hate having 5 million different blogs email me everyday.... what do you think, do you mind signing up for emails? Is it okay as long as it is an optional entry and not mandatory? What entry methods are your favorite and least favorite? Is there anything that drives you away from even entering the giveaway?

Well let me know what you think! What things make you more likely to enter a giveaway and what things will drive you away from one! Help me to make my giveaways easier and funner for all of you!


Tara Oliver February 17, 2012 at 1:04 PM  

well, Rafflecopter is pretty easy to enter with. I like when it includes a box in the entry to include the entry (like if it's asking a question, we can answer in the box) instead of having to leave a comment for an answer.

I don't mind leaving a comment for an entry, though! I think it's good for an entry to include the sponsor, like looking at their webpage. and I don't mind following on Twitter.

I don't mind e-mails from blogs. I also subscribe in google reader, but sometimes I keep an e-mail in my inbox as a reminder that I want to go back to that blog and check something out.

if the mandatory entry is liking someone on Facebook, then I often don't enter. I don't mind liking blogs that I follow on Facebook. but I used to just like every sponsor on facebook to enter a giveaway, and soon I liked 900 different pages! I decided I wanted to keep just the pages that I REALLY DO like, or the pages that I have won giveaways from. it's more personal.

if a blog has a LOT of giveaways, and you get one or two entries for each giveaway entered, then I don't like Rafflecopter. I usually get a lot of entries for entering other giveaways, but I can't put those on the rafflecopter form. or I can do one a day. that drives me crazy. that's the only reason I prefer writing them out in the comment form.

but otherwise, if rafflecopter is working, then it's nice for giveaways. it does make it quick!!

there's my two cents. er, um, maybe my dollar.....but you asked for it. :)

Dirty Truth Reviews February 17, 2012 at 2:56 PM  

I did ask for it and even more so I appreciate your whole dollar Tara! Thanks for all the info, that really helps - and that makes a lot of sense with the mandatory facebook! I have noticed my personal facebook account is a pain to look at sometimes because there is a friend commment between every 50 sponsor posts, so I know what you mean and will have to try and steer away from that!
Thanks again for your great responses and help!

Susan D February 18, 2012 at 2:08 AM  

I'm not well at the moment and am stuck at home unable to watch a lot of t.v. and needing to rest a lot. i have found entering giveaways and reading fantastic blogs a great past time. Using this time I am in love with rafflecopter! It is so much easier to use! I would say that anyone entering in a giveaway should subscribe to your blog. i have joined some blogs and I now live reading them. i also think it's a way for the person entering to give something back. I prefer giveaways that for liking on facebook, hearting on etsy, twitter and twittering and pinterest as optional extra entries and I find I usually do most of it. i would also like to say make it clear if it is a worldwide giveaway. As someone from the U.K. I'm biased ;-).

Connie Gruning February 18, 2012 at 11:40 AM  

I love rafflecopter. I love when I can add the extra entry information in the box itself.
I find myself not entering giveaways where I have to write comments just because rafflecopter is so much faster.
I like lots of entry options to choose from. I like that I can do as many or as few as I want.
That's my pennies worth! LOL

Ashly February 18, 2012 at 1:02 PM  

Susan & Connie - Thank you so much! Some giveaways are hard to make worldwide as if it is sponsored by a company and not me they choose where they want to ship and a lot of the times it is not worldwide! I will try to find more that offer the worldwide as well though and try to make sure whenever possible to make the facebook, twitter, etc. optional not mandatory!
I will also try to make sure whenever I can to make a comment box in rafflecopter instead of needing a comment below, I can see where that would save a lot of time! Also, to have more entry options!! Is there any mandatory ones you don't mind? Or is it better if they are all optional? I know a lot of times I don't have a choice as the sponsor already knows that they want somethings mandatory, but it will help for when they leave it up to me! Thanks for your input & penny worth - it really will help me know how to make my giveaways better for all of you!

Hope you both have a great weekend!!

serafyn February 18, 2012 at 7:57 PM  

I really like Rafflecopter! I do not like entering giveaways when you have to post tons of comments for entries, so I rarely enter comment giveaways! Rafflecopter is so easy to use and quick, I don't know why you wouldn't use it! I also like entering comments directly into the form for entries.

I really like it when there are lots of entries to choose from. I also think it is a really good idea for the giveaways to include daily entries that will bring people back to your site everyday, and reward those who do come back daily with more entries! It is a good way for the blog having the giveaway to get the word out by having a daily tweet entry - and I am more likely to do the entry if it is worth more than one entry in the giveaway!

There's my two cents!

Ashly February 19, 2012 at 10:42 AM  

Thank you Serafyn - I hadn't even considered doing daily entries! That is something I will look into!

Thanks for your two cents!

Brooke February 22, 2012 at 5:22 AM  

I definitely thing rafflecopter has become a must. I'm running a giveaway this Friday and I will be using it. It's a nice way to be able to give them extra entries for following the company or subscribing.

Ashly February 23, 2012 at 6:53 AM  

I agree Brooke - it seems everyone is really liking rafflecopter! It is quite the timesaver when entering giveaways. It seems like any that you need to leave comments for take FOREVER and if they aren't a decent prize or something you'd really want then it probably isn't worth the time to enter. Rafflecopter seems to make it quicker for everyone!

- Ashly @ Dirty Truth Reviews

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