Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Okay so I hate credit cards.  Plus I love Dave Ramsey - I am sure he has no idea who I am or about my blog so I am going to go ahead and post this knowing Dave will not be reading it shaking his head at me!

I just signed up for a Discover Card......  not to dig debt but to get the benefits (I will make sure to pay it off EVERY MONTH Dave if you are reading!)

So, discover has an awesome Cash Back system and gives you 15% Cash Back from Groupon!!!  Woohoo - that had me sold.  They also give 5% cash back at walmart, and 5% for different categories every month!  Plus when you redeem your cashback rewards you can either get a check (i.e. redeem $50 for a $50 check).  Or you can get gift cards like $50 at Groupon for $45, or $25 to Gap or Old Navy for $20!

Just thought I would share because I am a Groupon shopper and I am always trying to get stuff for cheaper (like Groupon isn't already cheap enough!) so I figured some of you may want to do this too!

Plus right now you can go here and sign up and after you make your first purchase (of any amount) you get $50 CashBack bonus!  So even if you hate credit cards, you could sign up make a purchase - redeem the $50 and then never use the card again!!!

We also just got an American Express deal I signed up for because after we spend $1,000 we get $500 in Points/GiftCards but we had a special invitation code - I will look into finding one and if I can find a way for everyone to get that deal I will post it as well (hopefully our $500 Home Depot Card can finish our basement!!)


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