Thursday, July 14, 2011


Please remember to be entered into any giveaways you must publicly follow the blog through Google Friend Connect. This means when I click on your name it needs to show you follow my blog. This also means you, as in the username you comment with needs to be a public follower. It is not valid to comment as GFC - Jane Doe and not Jane Doe be a follower. I need to be able to quickly verify your entries so when I say YOU need to do something for an entry it means if you are posting as Jane Doe then Jane Doe needs to be a follower, if the entry is to follow on facebook - I need to be able to see a Jane Doe on facebook. If I cannot verify your entry it is not valid, if you have some discrepancies between your names then put it in your comment, or do something to where I can verify your entry/comment is valid.

If at the end of a giveaway I draw an invalid (cannot verify) entry a new winner will be chosen or the giveaway will be extended if there are no valid winners available.

Sorry, don't mean to nag! We just need to all play by the same rules and know that if I cannot look at your entry and verify it I WILL NOT count it so please don't email me after the face with verification after the fact, it is your responsibility to make sure I can verify your entry is valid and that you (the name you comment with) are a GFC follower!

Thanks so much - have a wonderful Thursday!!!! So excited - my 5 year anniversary is tomorrow! I am hoping weather stays nice and we can go golfing, then maybe yard sale on Saturday!!! (Yes I am late for my spring cleaning)!

I have 2 awesome review/giveaway to post soon so watch for those!!!


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