Monday, April 25, 2011

MGA Entertainment Toys Review

I recently received some toys from MGA Entertainment to review!  My kids are always excited when they are really the ones that get to review the item!  I cannot really complain either because if the kids are occupied and having fun then mommy can get more done!

First, their was the Little Tikes Discovery Alarm Clock!  My daughter just loved this clock.  It makes fun sounds and if you move the clock hands it will say the number.  My daughter is two and having so much fun learning to count that she just loved this function of it.  (Plus, it is nice because she will count with the clock rather than making me walk up the stairs to count them and then down the stairs to count them, over and over and over......)  When you push the buttons on top of the clock it makes fun sounds and they light up!  It is also pretty cool that you can set the clock to speak in English, Spanish, or French!  To be able to buy this for right around $10.00 is a steal since I think this toy would be great for any age from infant up to probably 5 or 6.  My 9 year old even played with it for a minute (but he would never admit to it with his friends around!)

We also received a Mini Lalaloopsy to review.  My daughter had a lot of fun with this.  They are little girl dolls but she was convinced it was her baby since it was only about 4 inches tall.  She also loved that it came with a little pet!  It also had a cute snowman, stick with roasted marshmallows on it and a cup.  We got the Mittens Fluff 'N' Stuff one and it was great at keeping my little one busy and occupied.  I did have to keep an eye on her with this one a little more just because of the smaller pieces.  I am pretty sure she's past the point of shoving stuff in her mouth but not positive so I would usually just have her play with it around me or play with her and her Mini Lalaloopsy!  I also thought it was pretty clever that the package it comes in is reusable and sets up as a little house to use for the toy!  The fact that you can get these for around $5.00 was pretty exciting too, I am definitely going to have to get her some other ones so she can have little friends for hers (Plus it will make it easier for me to join in the play time!)

The Bratz Rock Doll we received was quite a hit as well.  Although I think the accessories were just as fun!   My daughter LOVED that their hair glows in the dark.  This was probably her favorite thing about the Bratz Rock Doll.  I loved how cute they are, honestly I was looking at their eye make-up wondering why I can never make mine look that good and thinking maybe I could copy one of theirs, didn't work as planned though!!  Although my daughter enjoys this toy and it has been fun to have I think she will only like it more in the future.  She is still pretty young for this toy but I would imagine within the next couple years this will probably be one of her favorites!  I know how much I loved barbies, and I know Bratz are the new thing!  My niece wanted Bratz everything a couple years ago, she would always tell me how "fashionable" they were!  She's a teenager now and grown out of them I think so I would say these are probably best for ages 4 - 12 although all kids are different maybe your older child or younger one would like one as well!

The Dirty Truth is the MGA Entertainment Toys Rock!  They gave me some much needed time of peace and sanity keeping my daughter busy.  I also had fun playing with the toys with her and the clock is helping her learn not to skip the number 4 when counting to 10!  These toys are a lot of fun and so reasonably priced that I highly recommend them!

If you want to find out more about any of these toys or purchase them just head to the links in the review and you can read more about them or find where to buy them!


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