Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I recently had the benefit of trying out some of Evo Internationals products!  I absolutely love this company and the products they are making.  I tried one item from each the Evo Energy and the Olivia Mae product areas!

EVO ENERGY (Positive Energy) - I tried the EVO Citrus Bliss Energy Drink!  First off, I like Energy drinks partially because I always feel drained and like I need energy!  I don't drink them all that often because I hate the CRASH afterwards.  I have had quite a few of these (well lets just say A LOT) and never once had that Crash that you get from other energy drinks.  I also love the fact that these taste good and are much better for you than the regular energy drinks!   They are Vegan Friendly, made with Pure Sugar Cane, Gluten Free and Contain B-Vitamins, 500 mg Vitamin C, Green Tea Extract, Antioxidants, 30 IU Vitamin E, and more!  If you ever drink Redbull, Rockstar, etc - or even if you don't - you are missing out and definitely need to try Evo Citrus Bliss Energy Drinks.

OLIVIA MAE - Another wonderful product I tried was the Olivia Mae Beauty Anti-Agining Moisturizer.  Oh, la, la.  This stuff feels oh so nice to put on.  Let alone the fact that it seriously feels so rich and nourishing to apply this, but it moisturizes my face better than anything I have ever tried.  I have also noticed it has helped my forehead lines quite a bit since I started using this product !  Let me tell you, I HATE my forehead lines and smile lines - I am only 27 and should not have any lines at all so when I find a product that reduces these lines it is a product that I am going to tell EVERYONE about.  After all I would hope if my friend had some amazing beauty secret she would tell me - right?

This company also has a program called Evo 5:12.  If you like their products and would like to join the business part of Evo International you should definitely look into this!  My contact their Lonni can help set you up with this also!

Overall I would definitely recommend these products.  The Evo Citrus Bliss Energy Drink is seriously amazing!  I'm sure any of my friends that read this post will be able to agree that I always have these on hand and probably drink too many!  The moisturizer gives you results and I love that because most the time I waste money on these type of products and see no results!

If you would like to try these products head over to  If you make any purchase from them (make sure to tell them you read about them on Dirty Truth Reviews so I can verify your purchase).  You can take 8 Extra Entries - to use however you want (all 8 in one giveaway or spread them out if you would like!)  If you don't want to tell them I sent you that is fine just send me a copy of your receipt or something - I need to be able to verify it somehow for your extra entries to count.  You can also contact Lonni directly through if you have any other questions, he is awesome to work with!


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