Friday, March 15, 2013

Wholesale Two-Way Radios (Great to put with your Emergency Supplies)

TechWholesale has a huge selection of Two-Way Radios - everything from Restaurant two way radio, Business Radios, Family Radios & more.  They definitely have the biggest selection of two-way radio's I have seen and great prices as well.

We have been planning on investing in some Rechargeable Radios for some time.  We have a bit of food storage (still need to get some water though) plus a few other emergency supplies and really feel adding some walkie talkie type radios would be a great idea as you never know when there is an emergency if the cell towers, etc. will still be working.....  I know you're probably thinking we are paranoid right?  You can call it paranoid or prepared - I honestly am not saying we will ever NEED them but I feel much better knowing in the very slight chance that we do we will be prepared as it would be great if we had to leave our home and could just take one walkie talkie and leave the other behind in case we couldn't all leave together.

Well at Tech Wholesale I found the Motorola Talkabout MJ270R Radios which offer 22 channels & 27 mile range (in optimal conditions) or 2 mile range over varied landscapes in diverse conditions.  They have 121 interference elimination codes which provide 2,662 potential combinations for chatter-free two-way radio communication.  They also include quite a few other features but working at such a long distance is what excited me (and the price).  Right now you can grab these on sale for $65.39 with Free Shipping.  So if you are trying to build up food storage and other items in case of an emergency you may want to consider if you think these would be something you want to add & check out TechWholesale's selection of two-way radios.

You can check out the full selection at


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