Saturday, March 16, 2013

When all else fails shop online

It is amazing how hard it is sometimes to find an item you want in stores.  I am constantly finding myself driving to a few stores and not finding that one item I need.  Remodeling my daughters bathroom called for a "Disney Princess" shower curtain - you'd think one would be easy to find but it wasn't.  Luckily I found one online and for a good price.
Other times it may be something for your home, such as our recent need for a refrigerator filter.  They can be quite hard to find in stores and when you do often times they are marked up quite a bit.  Did you know you can buy these right online straight from the company.  For example if you need an electrolux refrigerator filter the online electrolux store carrier them (and usually has a much wider selection than you will find in a store)!  The even carry cleaners and other types of filters and accessories.
So if you are having a hard time finding that item you need in store keep in mind the power of the internet.  It is a beautiful thing!  You can always go to the product manufacturers website and they will usually sell the item you need or point you to someone who does.  I don't know how we ever survived without the option of shopping online!


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