Friday, March 29, 2013

Back up your computers

This is just a friendly note to remind you all to BACK UP YOUR COMPUTERS!  Do it often & do it religiously.  I am probably over-reacting right?  I mean what are the chances of your hard drive going bad?

That is exactly what I though.....  until last week when my 1 1/2 year old computer quit working.  My husband is quite the computer guru so he quickly diagnosed it was the hard drive & after purchasing a new hard drive we were up and running again.

One week later of sticking my hard drive in the freezer (sounds silly but a lot of times it does help make it work for a little bit - long enough to try to get all that important data you never backed up) and I think I have got all the information I can off of it.

One of my photo folders just disappeared after opening it the first time - from reading on google I assume it went into a 'bad sector'.  I was heartbroken to lose all my pictures from the last year but luckily I think we recovered most of them.  However, my situation is a lucky one.  Many times you have to send your hard drive in and pay HUNDREDS to recover this data, or sometimes it cannot be recovered!

So to save you all the heart-ache that I nearly experienced I am warning you all now!  Back up any pictures or data you need!  If there is something you would be heartbroken to lose then you better back it up!  I recommend at least monthly doing a backup of your computer/pictures, etc.  Sounds like a hassle I know, but if your hard drive ever fails I promise you will be thankful you took the advise!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  I am so happy this weather is finally starting to be good outside weather!  I am definitely over winter already - bring on the camping, & fun in the sun!


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