Saturday, February 16, 2013

Monster Jam Review

We got to attend Monster Jam at the Energy Solutions Arena last night!  I had never been to one of these before & my hopes weren't too high.  I knew the boys would love it & figured that meant it would be good to go have a good time as a family.  Honestly, I knew I may not enjoy it as much as it seems like a macho man type of thing.  I WAS WRONG - I LOVED IT!  I think I may have got more into it than my husband.....  maybe..... he was smiling like a little boy on Christmas so I guess it would be a close call who like it more.

Look at that grin
Got there a little early - the kids were excited.  Check out my daughters nervous grin, smiling for the camera but kind of nervous to see these big loud trucks.  Oh & don't forget when you go to take earplugs & ear muffs - especially for the little ones!

The first half to me was good - but not nearly as exciting as the second half.  Although I did love the little trucks race in the beginning & the four wheeler races were fun to watch.  The monster truck wheely competition was cool, but nothing compared to the jump races & my absolute favorite was the Monster Truck FreeStyle & the Motorcycles (although watching the motorcycle stunts really did almost give me a heart attack a few times).

I went in knowing Grave Digger is probably the top truck & therefore wanting an underdog - but I left really liking the Grave Digger - he won twice and both times he took his award out and gave it to someone in the audience - I thought that was AWESOME & it really made me like him - knowing he loved his fans so much.  So after last night we are definitely Grave Digger fans.  Our other favorite was probably the Monster Mutt Dalmatian - although I totally loved the Mohawk Warrior truck too!

Monster Mutt Dalmatian got ripped off by the judges & only received 16 pts.
The Freestyle was seriously awesome - I don't know how else to describe it.  The Titan won the Freestyle & rightly so - it was quite the show watching Tian's freestyle.  However, I was VERY DISAPPOINTED the Monster Mutt Dalmatian did not receive a higher score - I don't know what the judges were thinking because they totally ripped her off & the whole audience agreed because when the judges pulled their score cards & gave a sad 16 points theeveryone booed the judges.  The Monster Mutt Dalmatian definitely should have taken 1st or 2nd.  This was the first truck to dare to jump the large hill, and at the end stopped on the top of the large hill - almost as saying "I am the King/Queen of the Hill" - and it truly was.  I think Titan may have truly deserved 1st, but Monster Mutt Dalmatian should have been at least second - I have NO CLUE how this truck was close to the bottom in scores - ridiculous!  Grave Digger also did an awesome job but most of his cool stunts were after the 60 seconds on the clock had run out - which includes him tipping shortly after the clock ran out.  It was pretty cool, he almost corrected it and tipped back up - but not quite....  Here were the scores for Freestyle

Titan 24
Mohawk Warrior 23
Grave Digger 22
Shocker 20
El Toro Loco 18
Incinerator 17
Monster Mutt Dalmatian 16
McGruff 14
Maverik BROKE

The show ended with Grave Digger Tipping Over
I definitely recommend going to the Monster Jam if you want a fun family event (and an exciting one!)  Trust me - it isn't just a show for the boys - if fact one of our favorites - the Monster Mutt Dalmatian is driven by women - Candice Jolly and Taryn Laskey!  So make sure you go check it out!

Disclosure:  I was given free tickets for my family & I to attend this event.  All opinions are still mine and 100% honest.


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