Monday, January 14, 2013

Redecorating with Organizational Products

I have been completely slacking on all the home remodeling projects!  I got the vanity out of the bathroom to remodel and that is where it ended!  I am hoping to pick back up where I left off sometime this week & get my little princesses bathroom complete!

It has been hard to get motivated to do a bathroom that hardly gets used when the rest of the house could use a little redecorating - so this week before I pick back up working on the bathroom my goal is to get some plans in order to update a couple rooms in our house.  Not just any type of redecorating though, I want something stylish but functional - something that will help keep the house more organized, like these wall storage & shelving units from Interior Addict.

I think this storage unit & bookcase would go perfectly in my sons room to help him keep a little more organized (getting an 11 year old boy to want a clean & organized room is quite a chore!)

I am also loving the Lucce Tall Shelving Unit.  I think it would go perfect in our family room and would help keep all our books, pictures, and so much more a little organized.
With three children keeping our house organized seems like an impossible dream - but I am determined.  It might take some brainstorming & searching for some awesome products but one day soon we are going to be organized - or at least look like we are!


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