Monday, December 3, 2012

Time to update the furniture

I really wish I could find some affordable furniture to update my living room!  I have absolutely loved my microfiber couch, but let's be honest - it's about had it.  I bought it when my eleven year old son was about one, so I am really feeling like it had a great ten years and now it is time to update.

Not only has it served it's ten years as a couch, but I have three kids - so yes, it has served as a coloring book, a trampoline (or jumpaline as my daughter calls it), a bed, and even storage for all those treasures that are probably still hiding somewhere in it!  It looked nice and new ten and maybe even seven or eight years ago, but now - not so much!  I really just want something simple and stylish (and dark to hide all the kid colorings) like the one pictured below.

I know UK Readers have the option of places like Webbs of Crickhowell to get new beautiful furniture at great prices, but not so sure what my options here are!  I would love just one new couch and if I could find a super great deal some new dressers!  Unfortunately the only amazing deals I have seen lately were on Black Friday and of course I was busy getting present for the kids, not furniture shopping!  Hopefully I can find some amazing deal very very soon, and when I do you can be sure I will let you all know!  Who knows I may just have to settle for gently used if I cannot find another great sell soon!


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