Saturday, December 29, 2012

My Bedroom Needs a Makeover

I have been so focused on upgrading the bathrooms that I didn't even notice how bad my bedroom needs a makeover.  It is blah - yes, that sums it up.  A bedroom should be your escape, somewhere you can go and enjoy the quiet - feel at peace.  My bedroom is SO far from that.  We definitely need some type of closet organization, a tall dresser (chest of drawers) and most of all a new bed!

I have been searching online and am loving all the great products I found at Sueno!  They have an amazing selection of beds, dressers, wardrobes, and other bedroom items that I think would give my bedroom the much needed makeover it needs!  They have ottoman beds that open up for storage (how nice would that be) and tons of more traditional beautiful beds, made from wood, fabrics, and more....  but I am totally loving this less traditional bed.

Although, my husband may totally disagree with that so I am prepared to make a counter offer with a bed like this (with a matching chest of drawers of course)

No matter what style my husband agrees to go with our old cheap headboard (which is falling apart) has got to go and our bedroom needs some serious attention!  All in time I know - I  have to get the bathrooms done first - but for now I can at least get some fun ideas ready!


Sunday, December 23, 2012

Last minute gift idea - Chuck E Cheese Review & Giveaway

Chuck E. Cheese is the perfect place to take your little ones!  My daughter see's the commercials and instantly gets excited - she is always wanting to go to Chuck E Cheese.  Who can blamer her?  I remember how much I loved it when I was younger, and honestly I still think it is fun!

Well she recently turned 4 years old and we knew that's where we should have her Birthday party!  We did a princess party at Chuck E Cheese - and we had a blast.  They offer Birthday Party Packages with a variety of different options, or you can do what we did and just buy pizza and tokens for everyone.  We also paid the few bucks for the ticket blaster too (check out the video below) and it was worth every penny.  It is great because they let you take your own cake & decorations in too - so we were able to take in our life sized Cinderella & her birthday cake!


Saturday, December 22, 2012

SodaStream Fountain Jet - Review & Giveaway

My husband drinks a huge amount of soda every day - unhealthy amounts.  He has made some great relationships with everyone that works at the local gas station but that is all he is really gaining from how much soda he drinks.  I am not innocent either - I usually have coffee to start my morning then it is on to a couple sodas throughout the day.  Not only is this not a very healthy habit, but it is expensive, & inconvenient.  My husband likes his pepsi, while I truly just want something flavored to drink - so is there a better option?  SodaStream claimed to be and I put them to the test with their Fountain Jet SodaStream Home Soda Maker.

The Fountain Jet comes in Red, Black, or White.  SodaStream claims to be a simple way to make soda at home that is fresh and convenient.  You can carbonate it to your own taste and it is simple to clean and reuse.  They also have a chart on their site (pictured below) showing why they are the healthier alternative when compared with national brands.


Friday, December 21, 2012

Hot Deals & Best Prices on LeapFrog Leapster Items

Amazon has some amazing prices on LeapFrog items right now!

The LeapFrog Leapster A/C Adapteris on sale for $5.99 (regularly $14.99)

The Leapfrog Explorer Charger is $14.99 (regularly $39.99).  I just bought one & from the reviews everyone says this is a must have if you have a Leapfrog Leapster Explorer (my daughter is getting one for Christmas!)

LeapFrog Leapster Explorer Camera and Video Recorder is on sale for $6.24 (regularly $24.99)

Plus if you an Amazon Prime Member you can get Free 2 day shipping.  If not, you can still do Free Super Saver Shipping but remember it will not be here in time for Christmas


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Mia Mariu Mineral Cosmetics - Review & Giveaway

I am one of those that doesn't like going out and about without my makeup on.  However, no matter the reason we wear makeup - whether it is for a little extra cover up, to make our lashes stand out and look longer, to add a little color, etc. - we still want a look of natural beauty.  A lot of store products make that hard, because they always give me that "caked on makeup look".  So I was excited to try out Mia Mariu Mineral Makeup.

After a lot of searching through all their products I decided to try the following:


Warner Bros. Movie - Flash Giveaway

It is the time for gift giving & sometimes it is hard to know exactly what to get someone.  One thing almost everyone loves though is a good movie!  That is why Warner Bros. has come up with their great Happy Holidays Blog App featuring some new & classic movies out on Blu-Ray sure to make everyone on your list happy!

Check out some of the awesome features:

Holiday Movie Challenge! Are you a true cinephile? Then take the WB Holiday Movie Challenge! Keep your movie skills sharp with this awesome quiz! Ready. Set. Go!
Decode-A-Scene Game! Time is running out! Can you figure out what movie scene is slowly being decoded in front of your eyes? The sooner you figure it out the more points you earn!
Holiday Survival Guide! Throw an epic holiday party this season! We have some awesome tips to make you look like a total holiday master!

They are also going to give away a copy of Peanuts Deluxe Holiday Collection, Classic Christmas Favorites or Dr. Seuss’s Deluxe Holiday Collection on Blu-ray to give to your readers! (Prize will be chosen randomly from the above Blu-ray titles). So make sure to get your entries in below!


Monday, December 17, 2012

Tropical Traditions Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil Giveaway

Another great giveaway! Last time we had a Coconut Oil giveaway it was a huge success & I am excited to tell you Tropical Traditions has agreed to do another giveaway for one lucky Dirty Truth Reviews reader to win a 32 oz Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil!  This stuff is amazing - make sure you read my Full Review on Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil.

Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil - 32 oz. 
Win 1 quart of Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil!
Tropical Traditions is America’s source for coconut oil. Their Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil is hand crafted in small batches by family producers, and it is the highest quality coconut oil they offer. You can read more about how virgin coconut oil is different from other coconut oils on their website: What is Virgin Coconut Oil?


Remodeling & giving your space the wow factor

I love working on my home.  Sometime I don't necessarily love the work, but the results and the satisfaction of knowing you did it are always worth it!

My husband doesn't always love my ambition and desire to improve our home - mostly because it usually involves him helping!  We have 2 more bathrooms to remodel (watch for my posts on those) and then I am going to start doing other areas of my house!

I want my house to have the "WOW FACTOR"!  I don't want a generic home, with average decorations, & the normal design.  I want some conversation starters for design.  I want to have the design & decorations no one else has.  I want classy & modern interior design!  This is one of the main reasons I love the internet - you're not stuck with the local store products - you can find exactly what you want & need shopping online!

I think I will start with my kids bedrooms design first - and of course I already found some awesome products that are unique online from Vita!  Check out these awesome seating ideas for kids rooms.

Cool, Modern, & so fun - right?  Something for each of the kids rooms - I think the cute little elephant chair would go so cute in the nursery!  I will make sure to keep you all updated on all the home improvement projects!  Can't wait for the bathrooms to be done & the fun furniture design to begin!


Friday, December 14, 2012

Shoplet - Westcott Acme Scissors Review

We all know this is the time of year for wrapping, wrapping, and more wrapping! So I was thrilled to be able to review Wescott Acme Scissors from right in time for all my gift wrapping.

The Westcott Titanium Bonded8'' Non-Stick Straight Scissors have a non-stick coating that is permanently bonded to the blades for better cutting performance.

The Westcott  Kids Scissors with Microban Protection are 5'' blunt scissors that cut easily and are the perfect size for your little one to help out.

The Westcott Scissors Mouse is like a pair of rolling scissors.  You slide it along and it safely & smoothly cuts away!


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Knot Genie Review & Giveaway

Does your little one constantly complain when you comb their hair?  Mine does.  It is always a fight - a fight I would just let her win except.... well she looks like a poor neglected child with her hair all ratted in knots.  Seriously - it is amazing how different she looks, but I am sure those of you with little girls know exactly what I mean.  So you can imagine I was happy to find a new product to review that just may fix the problem.

The Knot Genie Detangling Brush has a unique bristle configuration to gently and painlessly remove knots!  It easily brushes & stops the breakage and split ends you may get with other brushes.  The unique cloud shape fits perfectly into the palm of your hand (both if you are right handed or left handed) and therefore makes brushing more comfortable, gently, and done quickly!


Help your little one learn to walk - The Juppy Momentum Baby Walker - Review & Giveaway

Teaching your little one & helping them to get ready to walk can be quite the chore sometimes.  I remember with both of my older children there were a lot of falls & a lot of back pain on my end from bending over to help them learn. 

I was so excited when I found The Juppy as I knew it would help me with our youngest to prevent both of these problems.


Buy One Get One Free Coconut Oil

If you are looking for a great deal on Coconut Oil - check out Tropical Traditions!  Right now they are offering Buy 1 Get 1 Free on 32 oz. Organic Coconut Oil (Expeller-Pressed).

To make the deal even sweeter you can use coupon code 112121 for FREE SHIPPING!  

To get the deal go here and you will see the deal in the right sidebar (along with some other great promotions they have right  now).  Add 2 jars to your cart & enter the code 112121 which will give you free shipping (in the lower 48 United States with a $16 minimum purchase).   Shipping code expires tonight!

Total cost ends up being only $12.50 per 32 oz jar of coconut oil shipped!!


Saturday, December 8, 2012

Remodeling a Bathroom & how to remove a glued on mirror

Not long ago, we remodeled our main bathroom!  Our house is not that old - built in 1999, but it was cheaply built and it shows.

We were going to finish the basement and I wanted to move the old toilet to the bathroom down there and get a new one for the main bath......  so why not re-do the whole bathroom right?  My husband does not think I am clever with all these great ideas but I know I am - so I decided I would do it myself.  (Check out the before & after pics - I didn't do too bad!)

After much searching on the internet on how to remove a glued on bathroom mirror - I found an answer!  Duct Tape - it's true, it works for everything!   It still took a lot of pulling but the mirror did not break - THANK YOU DUCT TAPE!!!!

 I wish I would have got more before pictures that showed how crowded it was with the big ugly vanity in there!  However, my husband took out the vanity before I took pics - Yes, he helped with that part.  I got the sink off, etc. but for the life of me could not pull out the vanity - that is what actually brought on this post....
Another before pic
My husband thought I was crazy wanting to do this while we were trying to finish the basement (which I may add I am pretty handy and helped a lot with the basement too - I am learning!)
I was determined to get it done - and he was determined to teach me a lesson and make me do it all myself so I knew how much work it was.  He was right, it was a lot of work.....  I didn't realize I was going to have to mud the areas messed up from the mirror, or the vanity.  Then texture those areas, etc.  But I got it done & changed the color too!  I even added tile under where the new sink would go!
 Then came our new toilet......                Drum Roll Please.....................
The American Standard High Efficiency Clean White 2 pc Toilet from Lowes - (the link will lead you to it).  I LOVE this toilet.  I thought it would look funny since the bottom isn't shaped like a normal toilet - but it looks fine and is AMAZING to clean!  (In fact I have asked for more of these toilets for every holiday since and have yet to receive one....  so dear husband if you are reading this they are on sale right now for $199).  Anyways - this toilet is seriously awesome - it doesn't groove in like others on the bottom so there is no where for the icky stuff to hide - you side down the sides and your done, plus the inside has some kind of clean technology to where I don't need to scrub the toilet nearly as often, it stays pretty darn clean....  Below is a picture once I got the sink I bought used, the toilet I love, and the light in (oh and baseboards!)
 We got a mirror that opens up since the bathroom was low on storage area without a vanity.

 I found a calendar on clearance and used the pictures to frame for decoration in the bathroom!
 I LOVE how it turned out - and LOVE that I was able to do it myself (with a couple exceptions).  My husband DID NOT teach me a lesson because on Black Friday they had pretty vanities at Home Depot for $99 - so yes.....  I decided we should buy 2 of them and re-do my daughters bathroom and ours.  He is not impressed - at all!  I however, know now that I can do it myself - all except remove the vanity (which I have been asking him to do for a week with no results yet).  So while he is gone today I just removed the sink, etc. but now I am stuck!  So if any of you know an easy way to remove the vanity base please please let me know!!!   (It's like it is glued down or something - I can partially move it but it's stuck on something & yes I have removed all the screws, unhooked the plumbing etc)  I will make sure to post some before/after pics of that too!  Now that my son is older the Sponge Bob theme is leaving & I think the new bathroom theme with be Disney Princesses for the girls!!!  Can't wait for it to be done!  Wish me luck!

** No disclosure needed other than if you want a husband who doesn't think you are crazy do not follow my lead!


Friday, December 7, 2012

CreationsIvy Etsy Store - Review & Giveaway

I am sure you all know my love of Etsy Stores by now!  The possibilities are endless on Etsy - you can find so many fun, amazing, high quality products - and CreationsIvy Etsy Store has just that.
CreationsIvy sells unique gorgeous creations handmade with love!  She puts her art & dedication into every stitch and it shows!  Check out some of the awesome products available.


Winter Wonder Week Giveaway

Dirty Truth Reviews is excited to offer another awesome giveaway to our wonderful readers. 

Winter Wonder Week

Welcome to the 2nd annual Winter Wonder Week! This year we're giving away $1,250 in prizes; CASH prizes! That's right, we have a Grand Prize of $500 PayPal Cash. 2 Runner Up Prizes of $250 PayPal, 1 $150 Visa Gift Card and a $100 Amazon Gift Card. You could win one, or ALL of them! There's no limits and this giveaway is open worldwide.  You know these prizes would make your holiday season just that much better!

Winter Wonder Week is sponsored by the participating bloggers as well as Fasmart/Shore Stop. Be sure to connect with Fasmart on Facebook and Twitter!
Keeping with the tradition, be sure to hop around the linky to find the hidden elf images. There are between 3 and 5 elves on random blogs each day! Each time you find one you get an extra entry in the giveaway.
There are quite a few blogs participating, but you have an entire week to follow them all, so don't get overwhelmed! We're excited to make the holidays fantastic for you and thanks for stopping by! Without further ado - here we go!


Thursday, December 6, 2012

Upcoming Review

I will soon be doing a review for EducationalToysPlanet.  So you may want to keep checking back to see what I have to say!  I am excited to try out a new toy store & what better time than Christmas time!


Verizon Iphone 5 Giveaway


Sponsored by: Verizon Wireless |Route 249 | Mom Blog Society | Jackie's Reviews | Geeky Gamer Mom | Tinkle Monkey | Country Stew | She Informed | S.O.S Mom | Inside My Head |Mom Does Reviews 

You know you want the Iphone5!  I mean who doesn't - especially when you can get it free!  Enter the giveaway below because someone has to win & it might be you!!!  


MyMemories Suite Software Giveaway (and coupon code!)

MyMemories Suite Software is amazing software that lets you scrapbook (and so much more) quickly & easily and the result is amazing!  No one will ever know it only took you a matter of minutes!

You can read my full review on the product HERE and check out some of the cute pages I have made in about just a couple minutes using this software!


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Etsy Store Spotlight: DnjCrafts - Review & Giveaway

I love Etsy!  I love that you can find about anything there and that most items are handmade.  To me this makes them more special, great quality, and I love knowing I am helping a small business!

I was able to review a Diaper Cover and Hat set from DnjCrafts Etsy Store and immediately knew which one I wanted!  I just had to have the Steelers Yellow & Black set!

The items from DnjCrafts Etsy Store are hand crocheted.  The infant hat has pom poms on each corner and athe diaper cover has football buttons crocheted into the material for added stability.
Diaper cover measures approximately 14-20 inches around (adjustable)
Hat measures approximately 15 inches around, unstretched (stretches to 19inches)


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Having a Ball Press & Zoom Pals Review

Bright Starts always has high quality and fun products so I was excited to get the Having a Ball Press & Zoom Pals to review!

Having  a Ball Press & Zoom Pals are a fun toy for your toddler.  They insert the character ball and press down - then the vehicle will "crank up" and Go!  They play silly sounds and melodies along the way and come in 4 different designs - car, fire truck, airplane, or truck. 

The Dirty Truth is Press & Zoom Pals are so much fun!  My daughter has been loving these, and even my eleven year old son gets playing (although he doesn't chase them and drive them around like my daughter, he gets a second one and tries to make it crash into hers!)  The baby is much to young to play with these but she watches in amazement as they zoom across the floor!  I am excited to see her play with them in a few months (Recommended age is 6-36 months).  These have brought us many laughs and we have had a great time playing with them - and even with my son "Playing Rough" they still work great - you can tell they are high quality toys that will last all through my daughters childhood and then make one of the cousins happy when we hand them down!

To Buy:  You can buy these for $9.99 each at Toys R Us

* Disclosure:  I received the above product(s) in order to perform my review.  Despite receiving the free product, as always all opinions are 100% honest and are my own opinion.


Monday, December 3, 2012

Time to update the furniture

I really wish I could find some affordable furniture to update my living room!  I have absolutely loved my microfiber couch, but let's be honest - it's about had it.  I bought it when my eleven year old son was about one, so I am really feeling like it had a great ten years and now it is time to update.

Not only has it served it's ten years as a couch, but I have three kids - so yes, it has served as a coloring book, a trampoline (or jumpaline as my daughter calls it), a bed, and even storage for all those treasures that are probably still hiding somewhere in it!  It looked nice and new ten and maybe even seven or eight years ago, but now - not so much!  I really just want something simple and stylish (and dark to hide all the kid colorings) like the one pictured below.

I know UK Readers have the option of places like Webbs of Crickhowell to get new beautiful furniture at great prices, but not so sure what my options here are!  I would love just one new couch and if I could find a super great deal some new dressers!  Unfortunately the only amazing deals I have seen lately were on Black Friday and of course I was busy getting present for the kids, not furniture shopping!  Hopefully I can find some amazing deal very very soon, and when I do you can be sure I will let you all know!  Who knows I may just have to settle for gently used if I cannot find another great sell soon!


Saturday, December 1, 2012

Contours Classique 3 in 1 Bassinet - Review & Giveaway

Our newest little one is our last child, and so of course I tend to want to get her everything, and the best of everything at that.  I know I will not have another baby to spoil and buy all these wonderful products for so she tends to get a lot of great quality beautiful items!  I was thrilled when I knew I was getting sent a Contours Classique 3-in-1 Bassinet because this meant I didn't have to go buy her the best of the best if this met my expectations because it was already on its way.

The Contours Classique 3-in-1 Bassinet comes in the two colors options pictured above.  No matter the color you choose it will have the following great features:
  • Solid wood frame (cherry colored)
  • Changing table which securely attaches to the top of bassinet & stores underneath bassinet while not in use
  • Large storage basket underneath the bassinet
  • Deluxe organizer storage on end of bassinet
  • Mesh side windows
  • Easy-roll casters (wheels) with locks
  • Removable Moses Basket
  • Vinyl covered mattress with washable cloth fitted sheet

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