Thursday, November 1, 2012

UK Readers Store Spotlight - 1907

I hope all of my readers in the UK have been enjoying the stores I have been spotlighting for you!  Today I have another great store you may want to check out - 1907!

If you are looking for a new mattress you may want to check out 1907 Beds tips of Mattress Firmness & Support before you make the purchase.  Getting a mattress that has perfect support will make it more comfortable!  When you have a mattress that is too hard or firm it can cause your spine to curve upwards which puts pressure on your knees and shoulders.  On the other hand if the mattress is too soft it will not provide the proper support to keep your spine straight and can put extra pressure on your hips and cause back pain!

If you wake up sore or in pain in the morning it is most likely a mattress problem!  You may have a significant other than likes a different firmness than you so you think one of you will be uncomfortable no matter how firm or soft a mattress is - right?  Well, even though this probably use to be true - now there are many mattresses that can have different firmness on each side to keep everyone happy.  1907 are experts in these type of mattresses and have some great deals right now.  With their Autumn special Offer you can save up to £300!  They also have bed frames for very fair prices.  Check them out & start sleeping comfortably!


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