Saturday, November 17, 2012

Landscaping with water

If you are looking for some new landscaping ideas you may want to consider adding some water!  A neighbor we had growing up had a little creek she made in her back yard along with millions of beautiful flowers and I remember knocking on her door with other neighbor kids quite frequently asking to go look at her back yard.  It was beautiful.
I also remember going to my grandpa's quite a bit when I was younger but I honestly don't know if I ever knew his last name until I was in my early teens.  We always called him "Grandpa with the Fish Pond".  He had a fish pond in his yard and we all loved it!  He still has that fish pond to this day, and we all still love it!

Landscaping with water can really add that special touch and can give it a unique aspect that all the other neighbors do not have!  You may be thinking it costs a fortune to have something like this but in reality you can probably get everything you need for less than you'd imagine!  To do a pond you will want to find a store like UK's store Bradshaws Direct that carries all the pond supplies you will need.  Next you will need to purchase the items such as Pond Liner, Sand, Newspaper or Burlap, Scrap 2x4, Pea Gravel, Large Rocks, Submersible Recirculating PUmp, Air Line Tubing, and PVC conduit.  They you need to set aside six or so hours and get to work!  In no time you can have a yard that is the talk of the neighborhood!  Make sure to look around for some fun ideas to find exactly what you want to do before you get started.  Your supply list and amount of time may vary from what is above depending on what you want to do!  You can always check out thisoldhouse's article on ponds if you want some great how to instructions! 


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