Tuesday, October 9, 2012

To Root or Not to Root - Android & Iphone Rooting and Jailbreaking

We live in a time where information is just a click away.  I always tell my husband I cannot imagine not having a computer to "google" my questions or a cell phone to make that call on the go.  Well even the not so tech saavy person can do more with the internet.  You don't have to be a brilliant with technology - you just need to know how to search the internet and find the instructions from someone who is.

So...  that covers the fact that yes you probably are capable of rooting (or jailbreaking) your smartphone.  If you find the right article and follow the instructions you most likely are capable right...  but is it worth it?

When you root your smart phone you allow more functionality.  You are then able to install and run applications that you may not have been able to previously, you can also remove some pre-installed applications you couldn't before.  This is one of the reason cell phone carriers and manufactures do not want you to do it, and may try to scare you away from it.  They want the control - and when you root your phone it gives you the control.

Jailbreaking or Rooting your phone can also increase its performance and can allow you to run programs that let you use your phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot.  This way you can use your data plan internet through your laptop, etc without paying additional carrier fees.

So this all sounds great right???  Hold on....  lets look at the downside to jailbreaking your phone.

You should be aware that jailbreaking or rooting your phone could very likely void your warranty.  In fact I would almost dare suggest not rooting your phone until your warranty is already expired (unless you are okay with the risk and/or know what you are doing!)
Even if you warranty is expired you can run into problems - my husband had this issue and his phone froze on the start up screen....  however, as I earlier stated - you can find the solution to most things on the internet - he did a restore to factory settings and it is fine now. 
Also, there is the possibility of downloading something that wasn't allowed before due to the reason it can cause problems to your phone or make the operating system on your phone crash.  Much like computer viruses, malware, etc.

Now you know the upside and downside to jailbreaking your phone so whether you decide to root it or not at least now you are making an educated decision....  I am fine without all the extra capabilites so I do not and will not root mine, my husband on the other hand - likes full control! 


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