Thursday, October 4, 2012

My venting for the day..... because so many people don't vote!

Why is it there are so many Americans that don't vote?  Do they feel their single vote won't make a difference?  Do they just not care?

I honestly don't get it - how can silly things like the choice between Mayonnaise or Miracle Whip, Toilet paper Over or Under (whether you have to pull the toilet paper up or down to get off the roll), Football teams, etc get us so worked up - but the future of the country doesn't!
Truly I know those things aren't THAT Silly because I definitely am a Mayonnaise woman who likes to pull the Toilet Paper down and you better not mess with my Pittsburgh Steelers.....  but come on!

Despite what people think your vote does count, it is important, and the future of our country depends on it!  If you want to be heard or complain about the direction of our country the first step is voting...  you can also contact your congressmen and women, etc.  You can contact them over anything - we recently had a law change where if your property gets stolen and taken to the pawn shop they get to keep it until the thief is found and prosecuted.  I contacted the Congress woman who sponsored the bill Jennifer Seelig and threw a fit!  Seriously, protect the pawn shop owner - not the victim?  The owners of pawn shops KNOW the line of business they are in, and the risk they are taking.  We still had to wait almost 6 months to get my husbands EXPENSIVE bike back after it was stolen - and I am glad we got it back at all (he is married now....  so we all know he won't be spending that much on a bike again until the kids are grown and gone).   I had actually emailed saying I am a voter and know plenty of other voters and this is ridiculous and I will spread word of your policies, and blah blah blah blah blah!  She responded asking for my phone number and called.  She was very helpful, heard me out, and said they would bring up these issues and make some changes in the next session.  ALL IT TOOK WAS A PHONE CALL!

You CAN make a difference - and even if you don't - Don't you feel like you should AT LEAST try?  Don't you owe that to the future generations?  To your children?  To our Country!  SO I challenge you all to vote - watch the presidential debates and VOTE!  (You can probably still watch the Denver Debate from last night online).

....  and Hopefully Jib Jab comes out with another presidential campaign video too - if you haven't seen "This Land" from the 2004 election you should definitely watch it * Warning - it does have some language and may be offensive to some - if you don't mind it is very funny!


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